Over 60s training.



  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Pammie - well done at Canvey. I have not long come back from a 3 mile run.

    My mileage is very low this week: 10.23 miles.

  • Diana
    nasty stitch but you still managed to finish well despite that - well done

    don't know waht you are on at the moment but I think I want/need some of itimage!
    youcan't be disappointed with that time after your other races - I think the 3 mile warm up was a bit far as well!!

    that's what happens when you become a track star - low milesimage!

    sounded a most enjoyable run for you today and good distance although km always souind bettr than miles as the distance picks up!!!
    53 miles is only 8 miles less than my 61miles for last week but mine are all aerobic conditioning stuff - no speedwork so less fatigue to overcome for me unlike your speed sessions

  • Evening all

    Back from set-up, work, run at Reading.

    Did we meet? I was working in the Sweatshop/adidas tent this morning before the race.

    Please will you put me on the list of "I want some of that" people. Excellent running this week.

    Er, yes.
    Running obvioulsy affecting your brain!

    Hope you get some of Pammie's Stuff Wot She's On.

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    you lot make me laugh

    Diana  -Well done, stitch is not nice but a good performance, if i struggle in a 10km its always around 7-8 k

    TS - Funny, post race have a craving for fish n chips, once i did a local race which it being a sunday the chippy was closed. You were probably right 3 miles was a bit long thought race HQ was nearer the station than that

  • I( hadn't run at all since last Sunday - too many meetings and too much work.
    Went to Reading yesterday to help with the set-up. We had to unload large cartons from a huge (curtainsider?) lorry, unpack and hang all the clothing, price it.

    As early a night as possible because of the hour change. We were staying in the hotel which adjoins the Madejski stadium. Got to bed at 11pm BST. Didn't sleep well. Got up at 5.30 to have an early breakfast. Had fruit, fry-up, bread, several cups of coffee.  It was included in the room price so didn't ant to waste company money! Went to retail tent at 7am and worked until 9.15, then went back to hotel to get changed for the race.

    Told colleague/cheering supporter that I was hoping for 2:24 (did 2:25 last year).  Finally crossed start line about 14 minutes after the leaders had set off.

    (8:23 pace for last bit into the stadium)

    Av 10:41.  Total time 2:21:16.

    Very hapy bunny here as it was faster than I'd hoped and it felt like my first "raced" race in ages. Thurdbest ime for a half, so not bad considering the very definitely pear-shaped training recently.

    Want to eat then go to bed...........

  • K2 I am very impressed that you raced after 2 hours work and did a great time too  image
  • Hi all,


    What can I say.  To say you were superb sounds inadequate.  So I say, very well done, you were more than superb image


    Well done to you too on completing your 10k despite stitch prob.

    Briefly for now as I am awaiting official result.
    Not that chuffed about my race as I finished according to Garmin at 57m.29s.
    Very strange..... that was the same time when I last ran the same race 5 years ago!!

    I'll come back some other time, hopefully results won't be long.

  • Diana its a long time to have stitch!  You did well to keep going, did you try to stop and let is subside?  I have had stitch in training but not in a race!

    Impey you haven't got slower in the last five years so it could have been worse!

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    K2 - well done you image
  • JJ
    True. But work does have its compensations. I'm back to loving it again after a few down patches last year. I still get a kick out of it, even leaving aside all the pairs of free shoes, etc.  image

    Very impressed with the consistency.

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    K2 - Well done for running faster than you'd expected, especially after less-than-ideal preparations.

    Impey - As others have said, you should take encouragement from maintaining your time after 5 years, although I can understand your disappointment if you were hoping for better.

    JJ - Not another cold for you, or is it early hay-fever?

    Tracey - A low mileage for you this week but why not think of it as a rest period?

    Diana - I think you did very well considering you were running with a stitch, and you finished strongly.

    Pammie - What a busy few days for you. Has to be great experience though and you ran a good time today. Congratulations on your earlier PB!

    Mick - A lovely run for you today in warm weather (how welcome that must be for you) and another high-mileage week as well.

    TS - You also seem to have had a very good long run enjoying the weather. Hard to beat!

    aws - Well done for your long 4-hour run. Sounds like great preparation for you.

    Empty - Sorry your race didn't work out for you. As you say, maybe you can do some mid-week ones instead.

    Tracey - I've only run on a proper track for a couple of hundred yards at the end of a half-marathon but it's a good feeling, isn't it.

    Maggie - Pleased you've enjoyed your walks, with and without Cass.

    Sharkie - I always enjoy reading about your sessions. They always sound so varied. Hadn't realised you were a cyclist.

    It's been a beautiful day in Newcastle and I ate my breakfast outdoors this morning. In the right climate I'd only ever come indoors to sleep, if then!

    A 4.4 mile run yesterday took me over my 20-mile weekly target by nearly a couple of miles.

  • K2,

    You done well. You are right to be pleased with exceeding your desired time target,  or I should say bettering it !  Your race lap times were more consistent than mine and I only ran 6. 2 miles.


    Thanks for reminding me it WAS five years ago so really it ain't so badimage

    Now, the results have not come through yet so some detail........

    I arrived at the stadium well in time to allow chance to warmup around the track before race start. Weather perfect, sunny, hardly any wind just a gentle breeze but it was chilly after the night's frost.
    The start on the running track was followed by the route taking us around external stadium areas before re-joining the stadium track all the way round by which time it reached 2 miles. Then it was the same lot again twice, quite mentally testing as well as physical!   During that first lap of two miles I soon remembered why I don't enter this one every year,  it's a pig of a race, I recall it being so that last time.
    Erroneously I thought it would be a good idea to try a negative split, but it's not the right course to try that, not for me at least !  To cut to the chase(pardon pun) I checked the plan of the route afterwards on the pc which confirmed the weird configuration with a total of over 30 bends and turns.  Race is classed as flat, but it ain't that flat there were a couple of toughish climbs each lap and coupled with the lack of long stretches that didn't help me to keep up any decent tempo. Hearing the several grumbles of nearby runners I knew they were struggling with it too !  But  in hindsight I was pleased to try it again as it showed up my weaknesses, i.e. lack of leg strength, feeling tired too early etc. Maybe the combination of winter interfering with training plus lurgy effects added up to not being properly prepared yet. 

    Still ,as already affirmed,  end result is okay considering  inconsistent miles.

    Mile laptimes illustrate better......
    1st lap.    Mile  8m.59, 8m.50
    2nd lap.   Mile 9m.41, 9m.18
    3rd  lap.   Mile10m.15, 9m.27

    Finally as we went around the stadium for final time I could see the finish clock ticking over the seconds......57m.15, 57m.16,17,18
    that made me push to at least get under 57m.30s.  If I hadn't it would have been over 58m.

    We should have results tomorrow.

  • Empty,

    Sorry you didn't manage to do your race today.  But, there's always others to come.

  • Good morning all

    PTP2 Day 43

    4.13M; 53:16; 12:54/M; hr132 m140; slow
    13:10 hr133 m140
    12:50 hr133 m140
    13:00 hr133 m138
    12:45 hr130 m135

    Much the same as the early part of yesterday. 2ºC brrrrr!!!


  • JJ, I almost never get a stitch, so don't know what caused it. I was a bit disappointed with the time, but there was a nice 25th Anniversary t-shirt, and fruit cake at the finish, so not a total disaster!

    K2, that wwas a great result for you, even more so with so little sleep and several hours work beforehand.

    Impey, laps can be a good thing, as you know what's coming, or a bad thing for the same reason! Good result to match your time of 5 years ago, though, as others have said.

    Graham, I'm with you on eating outside, but it does have to be warm for me. Have just got as far as the conservatory so far!

  • Morning all

    Off to work.

  • I have just lost a HUGE post that was too long and when I went back it didn't let me. I know I should have cut and paste it but I didn't. I will try and do it again. It will take me another half an hour.image    

  • Morning all  image

    It was -3 degrees here early on so I will be huddling in the warm for a while yet!

  • Right here I go again.

    8k is a long time to run with stitch. I can empathise with you as I have had stitch on the last 3 races that I have done. But not for as long as you. Yesterday it came on just before 5k and then disappeared sometime before the end of the race. Mine I think is to do with an oblique muscle which involves the hip flexor too. I once ran a race where I didn't' want to stop with my arm in the air on the side that i had the stitch and that helped. Well done for gritting your teeth and furnishing the race. Your pace didn't vary too much except on the hill, which is normal..    

    when is your next long run and  how far will it be.

    what are you up to running/sprinting-wise today?

    Well done on working, running a half mara and not sleeping. You obviously have some basic fitness stored away somewhere that you are able to pluck out when needed to race a half mara. Do you have a special cupboard for all your running shoe?

    running the same time as 5 years ago can't be bad. Not everybody can do that. Just keep your training going like you have been over the last 3 weeks and you may be surprised at what you can achieve in teh summer races.

    Yes, why couldn't it have been 45.49 sound so much better than 50. But may well be 51 or so when they get the results out. I ahve been crossing my fingers all night hoping that they are not lost. The chip and time guy assured me they will be able to find it Sorry to hear about your dripping tap, not very compatible with decent training and the dental work that you have later today. .

    Is Mike injury free whilst training for his mara this year? You and Cass seem to be having fun together each morning! Yes, I know of Hotel Chocolate, but have only used them to send to other people, I haven't tried one myself yet!!! In the running book by Mittleman that I recommended to you, I believe there is a bit in it on stitch, and how to alleviate it whilst running. I can't remember what it says.  

    Thanks for your words of praise, much appreciated. Your 15 miles yesterday seemed to go well after the initial warm-up hill miles. Great mileage for the week, 61 miles.

    What has Margaret got arranged for the first day of the rest of her life? Does she know that she will be the chief picnic maker whilst you are out runningimage

    I will get these submitted before my next post.

  • MIckC
    You wrote "------------ with lost of beautiful ladies runners out enjoying the sun". Can I ask how they were behaving in order that you knew they were enjoying themselves and what made them  beautifulimage. Shorts and  T-shirts whilst running on the snow, that is novel, although I do remember skiing once or twice in T shirts. You sound one Very Happy Running Bunny at the moment. image

    ~the thread racing star of last week belongs to you. Well done you. I looked for your pb for 5 miles but it doesn't appear to be on MickC's chart. I know so well that feeling of wishing the end of the race to come and knowing that there is another mile to run! Thanks for the news of Pam. I guess it was a better race all round because there was no wind.

    I hope you have found your get up and go again today.

    Thanks everybody for congrats on my race, I really do appreciate your support. I didn't sleep much last night, but never do after a race. So with the surplus adrenaline, I have cleaned my cooker this morning. Not often done by me! I used Bicarb of soda and it was brilliant. I used to use it when I first got married, before the days of Mr Muscle and the like and it was easier and much greener.

    I was very cold yesterday all day after the race. Cold inside my body. Hot bath helped for a while but not for long.

    We listened to the Grand-Prix on the radio in the car before the race then watched it when we got home. An amazing result.  

    Well this has taken me just short of half an hour to re-write the long post.

  • good morning

    you sneaked that race in well!! Obviously disguising it as work makes it appear as a mere jauntimage!!
    well done and even better toget within your hoped for target time

    keeping pace with time is no mean achievement particularly in later years so that is a good performance - good going

    It could well have been an attack of tree pollen hay fever - particularly birch trees. They have "heavier" pollen than most and it tends to cling to hair etc and then gets inhaled during the night.

    hope you get your official results today and they shave a few seconds off!!
    BTW they weren't "warm up" miles  early on - just bliddy hills thast go on for 6 miles!!!!!

  • ceal i have had a look in the book, nothing under 'stitch' in the index!  Mike has yet again had interruptions to his training, minor niggles but still not as good as he would like.  I really wish he would give up on marathons, I think it puts him under far too much self-imposed stress but he won't listen!  There is enough stress at work and that will only get worse as he is 'care-taking' for his boss while she is working on the team which are consolidating HBOS and Lloyds employees  image
  • .following Ceal's example and not getting cut off in my prime

    That does it nicely. How do you feel today - not too fatigued I hope??

    8.55 miles done this chilly am in 75:05 (8:53m/m) and avHR130 (65%WHR) and a max of only 141

    1m 8:51 hr116 SS downhill start
    2m 9:01 hr 131 all uphill legs were feeling that soddin' hill from yesterday
    3m 8:47 hr130
    4m 8:49 hr132
    5m 8:57 hr132 Hipps Hill
    6m 8:28 hr135
    7m 8:36 hr134
    8m 8:54 hr133
    .55 4:27 hr136

    as I fed the hunger of the aerobic beastimage

    Actually felt as if I was running faster than that but HR was satisfactory for the pace actually achieved

  • TS
    I should have placed a wink by the warm up hill miles. I was being a tad sarcasticimage
  • ....BTW Ceal I hav a car that needs cleaning if you have still some surplus adrenaline
  • So have I!!!

    so I am going running insteadimage
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