Over 60s training.



  • So far this is what is shown about the Brooklands 10k race results 




    I am shown as having run a time of 44.25 mins which is of course incorrect.  I will keep checking!!

  • Replies and Observations Part One (waiting for plumber to appear)

    TS Impressive long run sir, are you now training for anything specific? With your ultra competitive nature (as demonstrated - not for the first time - during the Birthday Wind Up) it's a pity you don't get to race more often. I know that injury has all too often got in the way....

    MickC And a fabulous sounding long run from you too. As ceal remarks - you really do seem to be getting a lot out of your running at the moment.

    And on the long subject of long runs I was most impressed by aws 18 miler. (Again) like ceal don't see how 'sad' and 'sorry' apply.

    Queen Racer Pammie A five miler this time, you gotter ring the changes. 4 races in 3 days - the girl is unstoppable!

    I found myself thinking about Lynne yesterday. It was the Wilmslow Half, a race she seemed to do most years. Hope we hear from her before too long, and all is well with her.

    Empty Hope the clouds lift soon.

    A wry smile here at your reporting of a 'mediocre' time. I bet not so long ago you would have been more than happy with it - which just goes to show how much you have improved. Sounds like a 'one of those days' to me. I have absolutely no doubt you can sub 55, and will do so soon.

    K2 Nice one missis! Off so little consistent training you're right to be pleased. Also it's good to hear you DO enjoy your job. You put such a lot of time and effort into it, it would be grim indeed if it were nothing more than a slog. Which it has sounded at tmes TBH.

    Graham I agree about living outdoors. But also about the climate being right. Which it isn't in England most of the time. And yes I have always cycled - from my tricycle at 4, to my first 'two-wheeler' when I was 6 or 7, right through grammar school, art college, rock and roll, London Life (commute involved Hyde Park Corner, I'm dead 'ard me) to now.

    Hastings hills present a major obstacle or twelve but once we get the new house I am determined to get one of my bikes down there....
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Morning all.

    Ceal - I want to do 20 miles before next Monday. At the moment I am thing of going out tomorrow for a long run. It will not be too hot and windy tomorrow. Plus I want to go to my club on Thursday and I can run with the slow runners if my legs are tired.

  • EmptyEmpty ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    Fabulous PB yesterday Ceal - well done.

    Pammie fanastic racing at the moment particularly three events in such short succession.

    Impey, Diana and K2 good solid runs from you too.

    Diana, you didn't have to mention the fruit cake, I love fruit cake and missed out on it image

    aws that was good long run.

    Disasterous start to the morning as we overslept and were only woken by the carers at the door, not the morning to do that as we've also got the plumbers in. Made it a tough start for  Liz as it takes her an hour to fully wake up however tomorrow she should have a lovely new shower.

    Mike T

    Didn't make it out yesterday but hope to get out later today but trying not to beat myself up about not getting out - frustratingly it's often been on the lovely days.

  • Replies and Observations Part Two  (plumber has arrived. I know him of old... he is a very large Rastafarian and a bit mad)

    ceal Bet you'll take 44.25 though! How frustrating yet again. This race is jinxed.

    Graham Almost 22 miles. Now you're cooking with gas!

    Impey I'm not the first to say it but running as fast as you did 5 years ago is not to be sneezed at. JJ is sneezing all over the shop - but not at that! Your race sounded very tough - not a PB type course. So well done you!

    ceal Two SNAPS! I have recently been using bicarb for various cleaning jobs. Works brilliantly on the inside of my tea stained flask. Now I'm travelling so much I refuse to pay for useless tea and coffee on the trains and always take my own. The other snap was the hot bath to try and get warm after training yesterday.

    I do wish I could emulate you in sporting matters, but no chance of that. Yet again it's been demonstrated just how far out of everyone else's league you are. Has anyone else on this thread even made 80 percent  - let alone 96 - 97 - 98.....?

    There are not that many peeps on the whole RW site who make 80, never mind 90. You are extraordinary. I know there's lots of hard work and intelligent training involved, I know there are sleepless nights and sacrifices, and moment of doubt... but you are still er, incredible, ma'am. A knighthood for this woman! Ah you listening your madge? (Well a damehood doesn't sound as nice)

     xxxx sharkie

  • sharkie
    another snap. I too had similar thoughts of Lynne over the last couple of days because of the Wimslow Half yesterday.  Thanks for your very kind words, again, can you add a plural to moment of doubt!!

    It seems to be the day for plummers. sharkie and Empty both have them in residence.

    both you and Liz must have needed to extra sleep.

  • My sunny run this morning, was 5.7 miles long. There is a stange read out, I think I must have pressed something near the start of my run because I kept getting lap details on the Garmin screen.

    .35 of mile, av pace 8.50, av HR 99
    8.50 mins, av HR 112
    8.50 mins, av HR 116
    8.47 mins, av HR 119---ran on grass, this felt good.
    8.51 mins, av HR 121
    8.25 mins, av HR 124
    .39 mile, av pace 7.27, av HR 143, MHR 138 
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


     Bit late posting today.

    Firstly thanks everyone for the responses about my weekend.

    Impey - Well done on yesterdays matching 5 years ago time i have to agree with the others that is fantastic and should be considered an improvement

    Sharkie - thanks and i agree with you about Ceal.

    Yes Ceal you are amazing to even get to 80% would be amazing. I know i've said this before but you are very inspiring

    Ceal - My (recent) 5 mile pb is 40:46 which was from the Essex pb 5 last June somehow i got missed on the chart. My real pb from 1988! is 38:34

    4.04 miles
    144 HR avg
    73% WHR

    Split time Avg. HR Max. HR
    10:09 138 149
    9:37 144 149
    9:59 148 153
    9:49 145 153
    0:23 144 145

  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭

    Good morning,
    A miserable day herer today, drizzle and dark, not a bonnie day.

    It sounds like a have missed a 5 miler somehow, can you give me your new time and I will correct the chart.

    ceal, Sharkie,
    I am really enjoying my running, I have no niggles, I can run in shorts and I have time to do whatever I want. The area I do my long run is completely traffic free and you literally do not cross any roads so it is very popular with the city's runners. For some reason or other early Saturday morning is 90% ladies but that is of course not why we run at that time. During the winter we are all bundled up and you cannot tell whether the runner is male or female until you are very close. However at this time of the year all the clothing comes off and you can tell immediately. It is also normal for runners to greet each other when we pass. This past Saturday the weather was perfect and there were 100s of runners out, enjoying the warm sunshine.

    I hate sleeping in, it seems to make me fuzzy headed and lethargic all day and you miss the best part of the day, needless to say I am a morning person. Have fun with the plumber.

    My speed coach sent out our Thursday workout early this week


    It's 400m "on" at sub 5k pace, then 100m slow jog in ~ 45s (40-45, but not faster). After 10 400’s, take an 800m easy jog break (~ 4:00 or slower) then proceed with the rest.

    At least it is not at interval pace so for me 1:40 so not too bad.


  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Mick - 40:46 is my 5 mile best. Which i got last year (I'm not counting the time i got 21 years ago that will be my target)

    We have a fartlek run tomorrow night along the sea wall i think i shall go along for that

  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭

    It is good to hear that the injuries have departed and sorry about missing your PB.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Mick - thank you for putting my mile race on your chart. The predicted time is what I was aiming for but the weather was crap, unless you are Pammie of course image

    Impey - Well done on your race image You are one fit young man image

  • Tracey
    Next time when you are not training for a marathon and there is less wind you will make the 8.03 mile. You will.  
  • I measured the running top I won yesterday and it is 43 inches all round, I am 34 inches so you can see it swamps me. I have just emailed MikeG to see if he can change it.   I think I must have been given a man's top. But it is too large for Stewart too.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Thanks Mick

    Tracey - you will, training for the mile and the marathon are totally different. Don't forget i was shielded from the worst of it by my pace maker
  • ceal is very inspiring but actually you all are because you put so much effort and thought into training  image
  • I have been out today, lovely weather for it sunny with little wind but not too warm!  I then came back and attacked a couple more 'roots', I think i need to learn to wield a 'pick-axe'  image
  • I am having a bit of a day off training today. Woke up quite early and felt ludicrously dizzy. Even after a quick bowl of cereal and plenty of (non-alcoholic) drinks the room was spinning in a most alarming way. I felt sick too. It passed after about an hour and I seem to be ok now, but felt a bit odd all morning.

    How fascinating! (Note heavy sarcasm)

    Yesterday I cycled up to FP track. There was a big American Football match taking place on the infield. I'm sorry but why can't they play PROPER football?image The preparation for said match took forever. I was there over 75 mins and they still hadn't started. Teams were huge, as were those ridiculous costumes they wear. Still at least they were outside doing something. So hurrah for that.

    I had decided on short stuff. So it was 5 x 40, 5 x 60 and 2 x 100 for me. All except one of the 40s and 60s done with crouch starts. They felt improved - but I need external feedback to really know. I do think I'm not bobbing up now at the very least.

    I timed the two 100s and they were both 16 somethings. Pleased about this but know I need to see 15 on my watch to be confident of ducking under 16 in a race.

    My bum muscles were giving me grief by evening - so much so that I forgot that I'd been aware of the QL again - and of a generalised  ache in the lower back. So sprinting has fixed those two little ailments. I can put up with DOMSY glutes (gaw, don't we speak some jargon?) becasue it means I've been using them.

    May do a few weights and Pilates things later.

  • sharkie, take care dizzy 'bugs/viruses' are horrible  xx
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭

    Hi Sharkie
    You did 12 x at a full sprint. My legs would be in revolt. I am looking at 15 x 400 and think that it will be easy in comparison to that as it is at a relative sedate pace.
    The dizziness does not sound good at all, if this happens again T think it is time to see the doc.
    American football is totally beyond me. The younger generation here are not taking to it and it is slowly being replaced by real football. The quality needs something but they are coming. Remember NA has a population in the 300 million range and it is just a matter of time before they will be major players. Both American football and baseball are struggling but basketball seems as popular as ever.

    Off for my tempo run.


  • Mick - yes they were all full out and i can certainly feel it today. But - unfortunately - I think you overestimate the power of my "all out". I still can't put the amount of effort in these short runs that the others do. It's better but not there by a long chalk and i can't help wondering if it ever will be, or what I have to do to get there. I need to feel as instantly knackered as I do after a fast 120.

    But is that a different sort of knackered? I think the rep has to be 120 and up - possibly even 150  before I feel all-out enough. The short rep effect, or lack of it is probably to do with lack of muscle power, and perhaps the 120 plus effect is just the normal heart /lungs/legs effect? I'm clutching at straws here - p'raps ceal and TS might know. And it certainly all takes practice.

     Mr.S is still loving it. He is running 65 second 400s and 27-28 200s in training consistently now. Git!

    As for your 15 x 400s. I just fall away in a dead faint at the very mentionof such torture. I can't imagine not sprinting them, if i just ran them i would there til next week.

  • Ceal
    ooohhh sarcastic  comments about my training now >sob<. I can't take such harshness, I am such a shrinking violet!!

    How did you get an avHR of 143 this am when you never got above 125 avHr for any mile?????
    Just to show that I do look at what you are doing occasionally
    Other than that it loked a very pleasant recovery outing.
    I looked closely at the newly mown grass on the Stray this am and decided it was still too soft for me - there may have been some mud around!!!

    Dizzy spells do not sound great in the morning - you have not been fasting away have you??
    or all that head down starts may have drained all the blood from that extremity!

    Moi - competitive????????
    Not really nowadays - you should have seen me when I was youngerimage!!
    My target first of all is to get aerobically fit and I have a ways to go . The last 18 months have seen too many attempts to squeeze performances out of the limited time I have had available between illness, operations and life stuff.
    So I will get tho the level I am comfortable with and then start to focus - the 100m looks quite appealiing at the momentimage

  • Sharkie
    yup - all out effort over 60m is sheer power and anaerobic energy. if you are not feeling truly knackered it may be because your body cannot yet utilise all anaerobic power in the muscles. If it could you would exhaust the instant supplies over 60m. You need more fast twitchersimage!!!
  • TS Thought so. You've told me this before - and I was listening! But.... will I improve with more practice? One can't generate fast twitchers that aren't there, but one can wake them up from long slumber if they haven't completely atrophied over time. As long as it isn't too late I guess.

    Ceal has amply proved that muscle power can be acquired even when past the first, or second, flush of youth. If you apply yourself to the process. She is much more diligent about her weights programme than I am.

    More weights for me then image

  • Or find a new hobby image

    Another person I'm wondering about is Chouette. Does anyone know if she did the Paris half this year? I think she was training for another half m. TS?

     I am space saving with my edits. This the second one. Ceal, your pic is definitely there. Yes lots of twists and turns but pancake flat as well. What is it a circuit for exactly? (Have I not been paying attention?)

  • http://www.209events.com/image/429.jpg

    Brooklands CircuitThis was the course yesterday. I hope that it will stay there when I post. It was 3 laps of different parts of it. With some repeated in each lap.
  • sharkie
    I would have said the same as TS only not as well. Well done for practising the crouch starts, I can well imagine that feed back is necessary. How idd you time your 100's when you were doing a crouch start??? Men have so much more natural muscle power than us ladies. But I guess we have the looksimage

    I know that you read my workouts, I don't need to test  you!! I am not sure where 143 came from it should have been 119. I felt good running this morning. I guess I will feel it tomorrow. But I am not running tomorrow it is Gym time again.  

  • Maggie
    I hope you including yourself in your post about inspiration. You have picked yourself up from the depths of despair and you keep coming back for more.  I know what you mean about Mike and mara's. Stewart is the same. It seems that training for a mara is the only race that keeps him inspired to train properly. Mad.  

  • Oh yes Chouette, I don't think she did Paris, I emailed her about Blueberry, as she had met him and made a fuss of him. She said she was training well and looking at racing 5k's and 5 milers in the not too distant future. But that was all the info apart from the fact that she was working very hard.
  • ceal Thanks for update on Chouette. Re the 100ms - I didn't do crouch starts on those, just on the 40s and 60s. It's not ideal though - I just use my stopwatch normal watch. TS suggested using a small hand held stop watch and that's what one or two of the boys do.

     Interestingly enough it's only the older 'boys'  (39, 43, and 47!) who time themselves. I guess the real boys know they're fast anyway!

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