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  • Morning LI
    We all need faster bits of running if we are to race effectively otherwise you condition the muscles into 'one-pace' operation. You then race only marginally faster than you train.
    There's an article in my local paper today about a guy aged 72 who's doing his 5th. consecutive FLM, having started only 5 years ago. Go for it!
    I assume from the Hastings/chess reference that you're a chess fan. I've got two very good chess sets but if I play, very poorly, it's not more than twice a year. My wife, who has an intellect a mile high and a memory like an elephant, has never learned (she would be brilliant) so the set stays in the cupboard.
    More anon.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Hi JJ & LI. There does not seem to be anyone else around this week except us three.

    LI I feel very flattered that you put me in the same oldies catagory as JJ, however, I do not belong there, JJ runs marathons, so the respect he deserves is far greater than that for myself!!

    I am not sure what the reference is to the Hastings half and a chess set, am I missing something here?

    LI I agree with JJ about the sprint training/change of pace running in order to hopefully run faster. So keep with your interval training. It also makes it more fun and gives one something to focus on in a run rather than just running for a set distance or time. It also can add a challenge to the run, which is much easier to achieve than running a set training run distance in a faster time than the one ran before.

    As for myself this week, I ran 15 miles on Sunday then two runs of 5 plus miles, second of which was at a faster pace than the first, this second run I found hard, mainly because I ran it fast from the onset. However, I seemed to recover OK. Then today I will continue with my low grade hill running on the treadmill, at gradient 3 again. I will aim to run for 5/6 miles, intersperced with slower jogging recoveries of 5 minutes. I had aimed to run 30 miles this week and I will have achieved this by the end of today. Next weeks training will be an 8 day week, as we are going out for lunch on Sunday, so will have to do my long run on Monday. The following week will be messed up as I have to go to S London for 3 days to look after my grand children, no chance to run there! But I expect the rest will do me nothing but good.

    JJ All the best for the half on Sunday, I look forward to hearing all about it.
  • Ceal.
    Hastings promotes a major international chess tournament. Thanks for the good wishes; it all helps. Btw, 15 miles is well on the way to 26.2!
  • Hi everyone,
    I am here, lurking as always!
    Have a good weekend.
  • Hi all.
    Beautiful morning in S.Yorkshire. Will be going to Lincoln to take mum shopping etc but before that parking car up at country park to do a run.
    JJ. Pity your good lady doesn't play chess.Mind you my opponents are all on Yahoo Games chess website.If you fancy looking and if you have anytime spare try a game or two. You can play "quickies" also.
    Ceal. As JJ says you're heading for definite marathon potential.
    Bado kidogo. Kwaheri(sorry Swahili!)
  • Hi everybody. Its me again. I'm just recovering from my recovery run - and what better way to do it than see what you lot are nattering about. I'm still making my sub 4 targets but not convinced that I can run it on the day. I think that I am physically capable of it, but maybe not mentally capable. I think it will take huge mental strength to keep pushing after about 16 miles.

    Ceal mentioned pacemakers. They are BRILLIANT. The sub 4.30 gang saved me from the wilderness at about 17 miles and whisked me along. Up until then I really didn't believe that I could run any faster. The mental problem again! This year I start in the green start and I think all the RW pacers start on red. So in theory I should be ahead of them. But if I really lose the plot they will pick me up.

    As for drinking. I could sweat for England. I have bottles of water stuffed in the hedges all round the countryside. In the FLM I always have a botle of something in my hand. Probably over do it, as you say. But I don't have the confidence to run without it. It's is my crutch!

    Of all the good by-products of running (and sweat is probably one of those!) I find that the after run stretching is the most beneficial. I have promised myself that when I stop running I will not stop regular stretching. Just 10 minutes after every run except the long one. I think I have punished my body enough without stretching it as well.
    And Ceal, don't laugh at the capsized sailors. Sailing is my number one sport and you have no idea how much good that cold water does to your leg muscles. Ask Paula!

    Cheers everybody. Have a good Sunday run.
  • Hey, JJ. I forgot to mention that I actually met the world record holding older runner from my club last Tuesday evening, when I met the others at the YMCA to go speed training. He'd just popped in to deliver some stuff to the blokes and wasn't running (he's been injured) but he says he's on the way back. I felt he had the look of a world record holder about him!
  • Just wandered on here, curiosity aroused by thread title, as speed is something I quite definitely lack at the moment.
    The chess fans could do worse than download WinBoard from the GNU site (go here and navigate your way round) if you want a smart opponent.
  • here and navigate your way round - there are loads of different downloads available) if you want a decent standard opponent. WinBoard provides a Win32 front end to a very strong chess program.
  • Thanks, Mike S - will take a look at that :)
  • Ditto here Mike S. Yahoo has been my place for chess games for 3 years now. Plenty of varying strengths of opponents to pick for your games.
  • Morning anyone. Bright and sunny with a touch of frost. I shall garden for most of tody in preparation for 1/2m tomorrow. It's tough at the top.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Hi Pussy, thanks for the info. I value any contribution that adds to my confidence. I am sure that you do have the mental strength to run under 4 hours. You have the guts to run 20 miles within target time so NO reason why you cannot go the rest of the way. Heres me,giving advice and I as yet do not have the guts to even enter a marathon. But I will, I think.

    I love the idea of the hidden water bottles in the hedgerows along your country lanes!

    re The Sailing, I used to live on Hayling Island so I spent many an hour/day sailing. Although my passion was windsurfing, I used to race each weekend right through the frost bite season, so I know all about cold douches for the whole body!!

    Yes, Pussy I am hot on the stretches as well. My weekly Pilates class helps with that as well. I do stretch after a long run , but I am not convinced that it does a great deal of good . I used to be a masseur, so I am able to massage any niggles in my legs straight away, which I know helps a lot too. I take a masssage on my legs from time to time, when I can afford it. Often that is pretty painful, but I reap the benefits afterwards.

    Beautiful day all of you out there, we seem to have collected a few chess fanatics on board as well.

  • Evening all. Just a note to say thanks for the good wishes. It's not a fast course so 1-48, 1-49 would be OK by me. I'll post some comments on Sunday p.m.
  • That Winboard download...it's quite difficult to find, but you can get it here.
  • Good evening folks.
    Ran 1hr.49.12 (a miserable 10 secs. faster than 2 weeks ago)for the Hastings 1/2m on what for me is a bar steward of a course. As I said on another thread, I shall take a JCB to it and take the smile off its face.
    Went for a 4.75 mile run this afternoon to loosen up and turn the day into a maraton training day.
    Hope everyone's runs went well this weekend and no injuries.
  • LI.
    Sorry, no chess set but there was a medal the size of a horse brass. Incidently, the winner was a Kenyan in 62mins. I finished c.1240 out of 3800.
  • Well done JJ even though you sound a tad disappointed its quite impressive to the likes of me especially! Perhaps you could pawn the medal(pardon the pun). Had a couple of rest days but going out on a run with our gym tomorrow.
  • Got one from last year as well. Could give the pair to Mrs.JJ as earrings. Save buying a birthday prezzie.
  • JJ,

    Another alternative is to add a warm-up and cool-down run either side of your race. Its a ploy I intend to use when running Rothwell 10k.

    First heard of it when I saw Monique at Skipton x-country. She ran the x-country (5 miles approx) then ran home. Well I say home. Its 30 miles from Skipton so she may well have stopped on the way.

    A good idea though. It means you dont have to give up racing (my favourite bit of running) and like you say, you get to introduce speed to a long run.

    The only thing to be careful of is not to hang around too long after the finish and stiffen up. And of course, dont get to the race too early. You need to do a bit of homework as where to park the car as well so the distances and route add up.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    JJ. Our expectations of ourselves are high. I think your time for the half to be OK. It was around your personal best even if you did not top it. I would imagine your legs are still fairly hammered from all your marathon training. Your are tapering for the marathon not the half. I expect if you do another half in a couple of months, when you have got the marathon out of the way and you will run a much better time. You sound as if you are managing to get the miles in as well as the race, that is brilliant. It shows that your endurance is excellent. Did you find the pace of the half hard? Or were you just unable to run ny faster. I have a very vivid imagination and I can visualise a huge JCB driving along the Hastings Half slicing the tops of the hills!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    I, myself, have just returned from a 16 mile run, 2 hours 21 minutes. It was just such a beautiful day, I think I could have stayed out longer, but I thought of tomorrow and how I would feel if I did. So I stopped.

    After my bath I tried the cold water spray on my legs, it did not feel too bad. But there is no way that I could have included my gluteal muscles.

    I have decided that 16 miles is as far as I want to run on my long run. I will taper this when getting near my next half in May. then build up to 16 again. It seems, maybe, a good platform to launch a marathon training from. IF I decide to do one later.

    I did not get on too well with my gradient 3 hill training last week. My legs felt tired and I had to not only reduce the speed but the gradient down to 2. It felt like a cheat but I still found it hardish so I guess it was doing me good. I managed the 6 miles, so was on target for the weekly mileage.

    Lincoln imp have you entered any 10k races in the future?

    I must go and eat something.
  • Hi Ceal.
    Have entered 10k Lincoln in April and will be doing the Sheff.Rother Valley 10k in May.
    Just did a 3mile today which beat my previous PB at that short distance. But I want to get faster than that to prove JJ is right about us oldies can improve the pace despite ageing bodies!

    Can't see me doing 16 mile training this year I'd rather get to grips with 6.2 miles races. But hey, I get my state pension next year....that might be an incentive for me to go for at least the half-m.

    But our biggest blessing is being able to run at all as well as staying fit and well at our time of life! A couple of years ago when I was only doing inside treadmill running, a personal trainer 40 years old said he hoped he will be as fit as me when he gets past 60. Which made one think do most people give up just because of too many candles on their birthday cake?
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Hi L.imp I agree with all you say. I have many friends who think their age is a restricting factor in many things. It does not help that one has to pay a heftier travel insurance as one gets older. this just reinforces that we can be more prone to getting ill. However, our good health helps us to have good attitude. The staff at the gym, I go to, (like yourself) all say I am an inspiration to them all etc etc. I must say I always get a bit embarassed at this, I feel that I am no different to anyone else.

    Well done on the fast 3 miles this will hold you in good stead for the pending 10k races.

    Although, I have agreed with JJ about doing a marathon some time soonish. I am very scared about doing the extra 10 miles, that seems like a huge mountain. So I guess I can identfy with your feelings over 13 miles. which I promise you is relatively easy to achieve. given time. If I remember correctly getting to the 10 mile distance was the hardest, then it became easier to do the last 3 miles. It's all in the mind I'm told. Funny how one feels it in the body!!
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