Over 60s training.



  • Mick - Many thanks. I'd better clarify that my fastest times were being achieved at around the same age when your fastest time would be about 8 minutes quicker over 10K! You lost me a bit in the stats but it's great that you can combine your love of fitness with your love of - and skills in - stats. I guess that the lack of perfect performance predictability is something to do with intervening variables such as diet, conditions on the day, motivation, efficiency, sleep and probably many others? Interesting to ponder, though.

  • hello all - I'iiiiiiiimmmm backimage

    well done for surviving Dublin - it can be tricky!!
    Quick story
    During the late '80's, and at the height of the IRA troubles, I was project managing a plastics plant for a Dutch company in Ireland just outside of Dublin. It was a international team from 5-6 countries.
    We had finished the first big phase and so I took the team for a night out in Dublin guided by the Irish contractors. We finished up in a large folk club where the majority of the songs were about past oppression and the Troubles. The compere on stage heard that there were a group of Englishmen in the club and made some pointed comments about the British and the government in London.
    So me, emboldened by several Guinnesses, stood up and said "Talk about oppression over here, you should try coming from the NE of England and then you'll all know about oppression from London"
    Cue great applause and much more free Guinness to consume for the rest of the eveningimage

    Excellent miling session - should stand you in good stead.

    well done on your new parkrun course - it's anther place you will have to go back to in order to defend your position
    One's body gets used to the feel of a certain pace and one knows intuitively how fast one is going 
    I've never been big on pre race predictions of time - I tended just to go out a run by feel up to HM's. The only ones I have been careful about have been marathons but even then I overcooked it in the first one I did, running a HM PB for the first half, then crawling the last few miles with absolutely nothing in the tank!!!
    On shorter races one can always adjust pace and finish as energy resources are there but marathons do find one out.

    Nah - just train moreimage
    Love your phrase "pony tailed".  I shall promptly adopt it as it regularly happens to me. In fact his morning I was pony tailed by a tall blond young lady wearing a brown tee shirt with Ontario Canada on the back with a tree and a path. I couldn't catch her to find out moreimage

    you are being very disciplined over your layoff

    Just be careful of those bad backs out there people. They can turn very nasty

    Three days of travelling about by rail and plane makes me realise just how carp our transport system is. One would think that when it's -6 C at 0800 someone would anticipate that a plane that has stood on the tarmac all night may need de-icing. Oh no, they have to wait until everyone gets on before starting that so my flight to S'ton on Friday was delayed by 45 minutes whilst they did precisely that!!

    Anyway beautiful, cold frosty morning here, crunchy underfoot but a bright, low sun as I did 7.25 miles in 70 min (9:39m/m) and av HR 131 67% WHR) with a max of 149 (80% WHR)

    09:53  122  133
    08:52  130  138
    09:16  132  139
    09:53  132  136 delayed crossing a road
    09:19  131  137
    10:55  138  149  Hipps Hill
    09:29  134  136
    02:25  136  140

    felt pretty comfortable apart from some twinges in the right leg which felt slightly nervy in origin. However concentrating on Hipps Hill dissipated them!!

  • I finally glanced up at the top of Hipps Hill to see the distant moor tops resplendently glistening with the hard white frost in the bright sunshine. I thought longingly of the days when I would stretch out and run there and back just for fun and thought to myself "not yet old man, not yet"
    Unfortunately the image that was planted in my brain still remained  (apologies to S+G) when I firstly read MIck's tales of the past and again when I looked at Garmin Connect and it still shows the last long run I did as a reminder of times past  on 26 May 2013. Here was my report on it

    Lovely morning here - out early to beat the heat (long time since I said that!!) but found it was still cool on the moor tops as a steady northerly breeze/wind took  the edge of any temperature gain from the sun.
    The sky was alive with larks and curlews giving it everything to establish territory and mock this intruder but I was content to listen as I ran 18.1 miles in 2:40:47 (8:49m/m) with avHr128 (63%WHR) and a max of 147

    1  09:38  126 153
    2  09:00  129  147
    3  09:06  131  139
    4  09:11  136  141
    5  08:44  131  138
    6  08:47  128  137
    7  08:13  121  133
    8  09:02  133  141
    9  08:31  127  133
    10 08:28 123  126
    11 08:01 120  125
    12 08:21 121  124
    13 08:37 125  147
    14 08:49 130  145
    15 09:05 133  140
    16 08:45 130  140
    17 09:16 133  138
    18 08:55 135  140
    19 01:11 129  132

    the next week I was stricken with my spinal problems and four years on I still can't run one mile at the pace I ran 18 at then

    The past is a different countryimage

  • TS - welcome back. Good story about the evening out in Ireland. I think most trips to Ireland generate a good story or two!

    A 7 miler for me today.


  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭

    The next time I am in the UK we should meet up for a drink and reminisce about the 'good old days'.
    I was most impressed with your run from back when so I checked to see what I was up to that weekend. I ran a 10k.

    05:30 PM Saturday, May 25, 2013
    National Capital10k, 12c, cloud, windy, HRM battery failed, head wind on second half. 3rd place.
    Weather data Ottawa
    Mean Temp = 11c, Min Temp = 6c, Max Temp = 16c Humidity = 51%
    Mean Wind Speed = 21 kph, Mean Wind Direction = North
    Run Duration = 47:51, Run Length = 10.1 Kms or 6.3 Miles
    Average Run Pace = 04:44 per Km or 07:37 per Mile, Age grade = 73.6 %
    Average Run Cadence = 87.4, Average stride length = 1.2 m

    Lap Duration Kms Miles Per Km Per Mile Cadence Slength(m)
    01  04:37  1.0  0.6  04:37  07:25  88.0  1.23
    02  04:35  1.0  0.6  04:35  07:23  89.0  1.22
    03  04:37  1.0  0.6  04:37  07:26  88.0  1.23
    04  04:47  1.0  0.6  04:47  07:42  88.0  1.19
    05  04:47  1.0  0.6  04:47  07:42  87.0  1.20
    06  04:41  1.0  0.6  04:41  07:32  87.0  1.23
    07  04:45  1.0  0.6  04:45  07:38  87.0  1.21
    08  04:51  1.0  0.6  04:51  07:48  87.0  1.19
    09  04:49  1.0  0.6  04:49  07:44  87.0  1.20
    10  04:50  1.0  0.6  04:50  07:46  86.0  1.20
    11  00:33  0.1  0.1  04:34  07:22  88.0  1.24

    I can remember be very disappointed with my time and placing.


  • so this is the new forum look!!

    Pity it has missed the last two weeks of posts off......
    just putting this on so that the thread may appear on the front page where it should be - more later
  • seems the above post had no effect on improving the rankings!!

    easy two miles yesterday morning followed by a brisker 4 miles in the evening over some new terrain followed by a dodgy beer which I sent back :( - and got another one free of charge!!
    Dull and grey and drizzly this morning as I did 5.25 miles in 49 mins exact (9:20m/m) on legs that felt quite fresh.
    10:09  Hipps Hill - so close to wiping that 10 off

    No reliable HR results again - that sneaky purchcase is looking on the cards
  • I have posted a link to here on the Training forum under "Over 60's training (part 2)"  so you may find it eventually!

    Blimmin' cold this morning as I did 5.5 miles on the hillier route again in 52 min exactly  (9:27m/m)- I am getting quite good at these time estimates  :)

    10:37 all uphill and big uphill too
    08:37  wheee - down the other side
    10:19  Hipps Hill

    Useless HRM readings again but I kept the effort at aerobic levels throughout

    Hopefully I will be able to covert some of those mile times starting with a 9 into ones with an 8 in front before too long
  • hurry along folks - it's getting lonely here!!

    Some dry snow flurries on chill NE wind this morning but pleasant enough inside a HH top.
    5.25 miles in 48:42 (9:16m/m) with avHR133 (67% WHR) and a max of 150

    09:32  121  134
    08:44  134  143
    09:15  135  142
    08:58  134  141
    10:19  141  150
    01:56  139  144

    a long time since two mile times started with an 8 :)
  • see if anyone finds me here!!
    Great rugby game yesterday but surprisingly all my contacts in Cardiff who were so keen to talk to me after the World Cup game seem to have gone away :p
    I just wanted to tell them how well Wales had played and to add my sincere commiserations for the loss.............

    I suspect I did not have enough pork pies yesterday, or too much beer, but this morning's 9 miles was, in contrast to last week, was quite tough going although sleety snow and a biting wind did not really help to make one feel comfortable

    So 9 miles done in 87:36 (9:43m/m) with avHR 131 and a max of 150
    10:45  125  136
    08:31  132  142
    09:22  133  142
    09:30  132  139
    09:43  131  142
    09:53  131  142
    09:22  133  138
    10:33  137  150  Hipps Hill
    09:54  132  143

    average HR quite steady and it did burn over 1000 calories so it wasn't all wasted!!
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭
    TS-I have now found you and was so pleased England won even if I know nothing about rugby.Well done on 9 miler in tough conditions.
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭
    I have posted on the other thread but I am having some weird issues with this thread.
  • Blimey, I go away for a couple of weeks and everything's changed.
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