Over 60s training.



  • Pussy
    Im not over 60
    But PLEASE do NOT not report back
    all you do will be magnificent, and miles beter than me, anyway
    youre an inspiration, please dont leave
  • Pussy....As Hippo says DO report back(two nots equals a DO!) and don't put yourself down. You are making efforts so whatever the outcome you take part and as they say thats what is important. And anyway we know you will do it. Enjoy the camaraderie(is that how it is spelt?).
    BTW my PB was increased by another 5 minutes thanks to the inept officials who gave me a timing of 50m.34s. as opposed to the correct time of 55m.54s. I wasn't the only one...there were scores of wrong timings all over the place!
    Have a good day at FLM.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Good to hear from you Pussy. It will be fine, your preparation is complete and you have covered the miles so you could not do much more. Your 20 mile race was good and on target and that was with tired legs. now they are fresh and raring to GO GO GO. So it's all in the mind now. I hope you make contact with Johnny! Your experiences are invaluable to us wimps.

    Must fly I can hear waking children in the background.
  • Good luck P. Will certainly watch out for you at Green. There'll be time to kill so it will be useful if we can chat for a few minutes.
    You must post a race report and time. We can all learn from each other regardless of the result. In any case, you know you're up for a good one.
  • JJ and Pussy,
    Good luck and have a great time! I will be thinking of you.
  • Thanks Spud. Much appreciated. I hope I can reciprocate one day!
  • Pussy and JJ.
    Hope you both have a smashing FLM day. Any chance of telling us your race numbers? We might catch a glimpse of you on telly,you never know!
  • LI.
    59379. Light grey top with blue striped sleeves. Black running shorts and long legs. Stunningly elegant, I can't understand why Paula will get all the camera shots.
    There was I, plodding my weary way along the marathon route at maybe 6 miles and my eye lit upon this nice looking young lady running for Alzheimers. 'What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this I said'. Anyway, it turned out to be Pussy. Now that's a major coincidence in 30,000 people. We ran several miles together before going our separate ways. Great fun!
    It was far too hot for marathon running and I suffered very badly from about 20 - 23 miles. Managed no more than a jog so I missed my sub-4 target by a long way. Managed only 4hrs.7 or 4hrs.8. Not sure which because I had finger trouble with the stopwatch at the start and finish! Will need to wait for chip tmes to be published. Still it was a pb by 4 mins. or so. I guess I have to be grateful for these small handouts at my age.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    WELL DONE Johnny, what a coincidence meeting up with Pussy. Will talk more tomorrow, its late now. But just wanted to say congrats.
  • JJ.
    I watched a lot of the FLM in all its shapes and forms. Looked for your number JJ but of course its the proverbial needle in the stack!

    Despite not quite doing as you wished you still did us proud. It looked hot enough down there. Its still great getting to finish for anybody.

    And how did you manage to find Pussy in all that lot! Smashing to be able to run together with someone from this forum.

    All in all, terrific stuff.
  • JJ
    And you still achieved another PB. Great!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Now I am more awake, I realize that you knocked twice as much as Paula off your time, that cannot be bad!!

    I am still amazed you made contact with Pussy, like LI says great for two people to meet from this elite forum. We wait to hear how the rest of her run went. When you parted, who ran on ahead?

    How do you feel today? I think watching FLM yesterday confirms what I have always thought about running a marathon, ITS HARD!
    Did you have problems with the legs yesterday, ie cramps anywhere?

    When you have time and energy we hope to hear more about the race from you.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    As for myself, disaster. As you know I had the two small granchildren last week, exhausting in it's self especially when you have to include an elderly mother whenever possible. Well from day one I was fighting an upper, lower, middle (you name it) respiratory infection, so even if there had been opportunities to run, I could not have. Well, when all went home on Saturday afternoon, I let go and felt ghastly and ended up in bed for whole day yesterday with a fever. I feel a panic comming on because I have not been running. I really miss it. Today I feel better, confirmed by my resting pulse being almost back to normal. I know that I will be tempted to go for a very gentle 3 mile jog today.

    Things are not hanging well for my next half marathon on 11th May. I have had interrupted non existant training for last two weeks and this week already is not normal. Sorry to go on about it but you guys are the only ones who will understand what is going through my mind.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    JJ Thankyou for your pearls of wisdom! I will wait another day before I go out and give the legs some exercise, mainly because of the coughing up (yuck) which has gone on since I got up and because you say so! I have to say I am very tempted but will resist for 24 hours.

    I hope that my mycrofibres are very appreciative of the rest.

    More news of you please.
  • Well done JJ and Pussy!

    JJ, I saw you at the Mudchute but you were too fast for me to say hello. Wow, what a pair of fine legs!!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    JJ and you want me to go through that pain one day too! I am sure your trip to the physio wil be extrememly painful but very beneficial too. I can identify with the arms and shoulders aching after a race, be it only half the distance. My injuried shoulder often hurts more than the legs.

    Keep drinking the liquid, I sometimes find taking a sachet of dariolite (no idea how to spell it) works as a quick fix. I guess the dehydration was the cause of the tissue damage. The things we do for kicks.

    How much sponsorship money did you raise, if indeed you were running for charity this time round?
  • JJ........
    Like Ceal says we have all that to look forward to? I remember the only longish race for me was when 50 years old doing a half marathon and I felt ill for an hour after. Mind you, once I'd come round it was great to know it was done.
    Hope the physio sessions will soon make you flexy again. But, you certainly inspire.
    JJ is probably right, its good to have rest days just as much as the training. So you will be okay on the day.
    Where are you? We are eagerly waiting for your story. Two Over60s together for a few miles!
    Me? I've had a l o n g rest since the 10k. After 7 days, got myself out to do 5 miles lake and hill run this morning. Even Margaret joined me at start and then went jogging herself for 2 and a half miles. I wonder if she'll ever get really interested?
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Well I took my body out for an airing this am. The first 5 mins were hard then it seemed ok, will tell more tomorrow. I went out for 63 mins, so hopefully that was around 7 miles. I did not cough once, but once I stopped running the fits of coughing started! I noticed a lot of pollution in the air today as a result of no rain for a while. there was brick dust from some new houses being built, bonfire smoke and general dust and muck in the air. Legs felt free and easy and I felt better mentally to be 'out there'.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    JJ your message just beat mine by seconds! I heard yours come in as I hit the submit button. I like the sound of your training plan.

    I guessed that Pussy was very neat and trim. I am slim with long legs and tallish, just under 5'8. But I would not consider myself trim and compact. More skinnyish, with bits sticking out here and there!! My husband is 13 years younger (2nd, married 13 years ago) and he started running with me a year ago and ran the half marathon with me in Wales last Sept, I trained him and ran in front of him every session and then he beat me by a minute on the day. Such a gentleman! He does not like running in the same way as I do, so he did not run outside in the winter, just 20 minutes or so in the gym, once or twice a week. However, he has started to run outside again, and is up to 6 plus miles. Does you other half still run Johnny? Encourage Margaret LI, it's nice running with ones partner, we find there is time to discuss things that we do not have time to discuss at home. Its good.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    2hrs 57 for an over 60 sounds miraculous, obviously age has nothing to do with it, if you can stay injury free! I really want to say B----y H---!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Where are you? Come out from under the chair. Please?
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