Timex SDM again...

Somehow I've lost the instructions for my SDM, and I've not been able to find a .pdf yet on the internet. Apologies for daft question... (I have a photocopy of the instructions elsewhere, but can't get them for a few days.)

I've been for a 6 mile run, and I pressed the button once each mile to record the laps. What I need to know is what I need to press now that I'm sitting in front of the computer to see (i) my total distance and (ii) my total time. I'm sure this sounds really stupid, but I can't seem to work it out.

Here's what I'm doing.

- Press button (bottom left) to get to Recall.

- I'm then trying to scroll through the info lap by lap by pressing the Start/Stop/Scroll button.

- However, I'm confused. First, it seems to scroll through the laps in reverse i.e. R6, R7, R5 etc (for each one it offers Distance, Pace, Speed and a then a screen with a number at the top and another at the bottom). Should this be happening in reverse?

- Secondly, it's not clear where the totals are. I suspect that the number at the top of the screen mentioned above is total distance, and the one at the bottom is total time, but I'm not sure.

Any help would be v. welcome. A pointer to a .pdf somewhere on the net would also be v. welcome. (Naturally I looked on the Timex site, but could only find instructions for various watches: couldn't see the SDM.)

Thanks <blush....> :)


  • Stu92Stu92 ✭✭✭
    You can down load copy's of the manual at..


  • Hello Stu92,

    Thanks for helping. Are you sure it's there, though? I can only find the Nike one (Triax).
  • Wee Piglet,

    For total times/distance, I stay in Chrono mode and press the bottom right button to get the details.

    In recall the lap button functions as 'forward' and start/stop as 'back'. So it sounds like you're going through backwards.
  • WP

    I haven't got the Timex SDM, and I'm very jealous of those that have, but was suprised to hear you pressed a button to record your mile lap detail, I assumed the watch automatically just stored that information as you trotted around...

  • To answer some of your questions WP,

    To scroll through recorded laps in the correct order press the split/lap button,

    The top number is the total distance from the start of your run to the end of the displayed lap/split. The bottom number is the distance for the split/lap.

    Snake, unfortunately when you hear a jingle you need to hit the lap/split button. Very cute jingle though. The SDM did have a few grumbles in the many threads and this was but one.
  • Wee Piglet, you're almost right, but you can use both buttons (start/stop, and split/reset) to move through the data, the one on the right (s/r) to go forwards, and the one on the left (s/s) to go back. So yes, you're scrolling through in reverse.

    As for the screen with the two times on, the top number is the lap time, and the bottom one the cumulative time.

    There's a PDF of the instruction manual on the Timex site. I'll post a link in a minute.

  • Doh, memory not as good, must be getting old. Had it right but the wrong way round, sorry WP.
  • Very many thanks to all of you for helping me out, and also to another kind person who sent me the .pdf. Honestly, now I know how to do it I'm not sure why it wasn't obvious, but I think the reverse scroll confused me :) Thanks again, folks :

    Venom - thank you for the link. I really am going roundn the bend... I couldn't see it there.

    Snake Hips - yes, it's a bit of a shame that it doesn't happen automatically, but I agree with Muzzer that's it's a very cute jingle :)

    Right... finally I understand yesterday's numbers!
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