Leaving Drink

I am leaving Torfaen County Borough Council next Friday, 31st March 2006.

We are having a bit of a pub crawl round Abergavenny.

Any runners fancy a dinky donk or four? Lots of runners coming...just a thought. Dont say I didnt ask.....!!!


  • Does the George still have the dodgy nightclub?
  • No, unfortunately not. Its closed to build flats or something.

    We usually end up in Auberge now, as it does not close till two :-)

    Of course there is whetherspoons, black lion, brittania, hen and chicks etc etc
  • that was such a bizzare place for a drink as well!

    "wheres the cloakroom?"
    "on the floor, under a chair"

    will check the diary for this. have not been out there for a long time.
  • You would be more than welcome!!
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