Evening Primrose Oil

Is it true that EPO or starflower oil is beneficial for runners - in particular blokes - I've taken it on and off for a while and haven't noticed any difference at all in terms of joint suppleness etc.



  • Its not EPO

    Its actuallu Cod liver oil.

    Its meant to help with supple joints etc.

    But check the packet as you need a product thats got a decent concentration in it and has a product license for helping supple joints.

    Otherwise you will end up buying just a basic supplement and that will not help your joints.

    Also if you do take Cod liver oil to help your joints you will not get the full effect for at least 1 month.

    Hope this helps

  • There isn't a scrap of decent quality research evidence for the widespread belief that cod-liver oil "keeps the joints lubricated" - but I'd still say yes, give it a try, there are plenty of individuals who swear by it and when it's all boiled down a lot of medical evidence isn't much more than averages.

    Might put a bit of weight on you too - even "healthy" oils like cod-liver oil and evening primrose oil are fats with 9kcal per gram.

    As Symond says, don't expect an instant result. When treating breast pain (the one thing it probably does help) with evening primrose oil, we advise women to give it 3-4 months of regular use to assess whether or not it's working for them, and you may be looking at a similar timescale to notice any benefit.

    One or two people I know have claimed that the liquid oil "works" and the capsules don't. I think they've just got a self-flagellation thing.
  • My Norwegian boyfriend drinks cod liver oil straight (pills are for wimps, he says). He made me drink it once, and it nearly came right back up! Anyway, I use the tablets, but do so not for joint benefit, but for getting the important omega fatty acids, as I rarely eat meat/fish (perhaps once a month, if that).

    I'm not sure about the actual joint benefits, but the entire country of Norway can't be wrong, can they?? Give it a try and see how you get on - even if it doesn't help with the joints, it's good nutritionally.
  • Was recommended Glocosamine Sulphate to help joints , just started taking , any comments ?

  • Torquill, I take Glocosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin and swear by it. When I stopped taking it for a few weeks a long term back problem returned. That was enough to convince me.
  • Just the thought of CLO makes me feel sick - but the capsules might be a good idea. If you've read my post on the 'fat' thread you'll know that I'm a skinny bloke so I will happily try it and see what happens. I'll let you know if I throw up and I'll blame V-rap if I do.

    I thought that glucosamine was for cartilage problems rather than suppleness?

  • If you're going for the CLO, try the 500mg capsules instead of the 1,000mg ones, as I find the latter are too fishy (upon being digested in the stomach). Take it with a meal too, so that any fishiness will be masked by your food.

    Yum yum!
  • Mmmm - can't wait. Coincidentally have just read 'Cod' by Mark Kurlansky - it's a terrifically dull book but I was determined to finish it, so perhaps it's a line to follow

  • Can anyone tell me where I can get Glocosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin (that took ages to spell!) and how much it costs. I've been hearing more and more about this and am curious. Does anybody have anything bad to say about it? PS hello Hilly, I saw your comments on The Beast. I ran it too yesterday (01/09/02).
  • Problem with cod-liver oil is you'd have to take bucketfuls to get the right ammounts of omega-3 based fatty acid compounds EPA and DHA. Some manufacturers are now producing concentrated "Pharmaceutical Grade " fish oils eg Eye-Q available from Boots and health food stores.They make a lemon flavored preparation which is almost palatable if you keep it in the fridge.
    Its dear though, especially in the first few weeks when your loading up your body stores after years of malnutrition.
    The real gains are not so much in the joints but a global enhancement of mental and physical performance!

    The real benefits are as much in performance
  • Katie, you can get glucosamine and chondroitin just about anywhere now! Pharmacies and health food stores stock it, or you can order it from companies like Goldshield. There are probably small ads in RW - a few months ago I "won" a 5-month supply in a RW subscribers' draw (gave them away - I'm a supplement-free zone myself because I don't believe there's any substitute for plentiful quantities of good grub).

    There is some soft evidence that glucosamine and chondroitin individually have some cartilage-protecting effect, but it's not convincing enough to prevent the Department of Health from putting all the brands it can catch on to the list of substances not available on NHS prescription.

    If you do decide to take it, you'll need a preparation with glucosamine sulphate 500mg three times a day, and there's no point shelling out extra for a fancy brand with lots of added vitamins and suchlike.

    Sythree, I know my boundaries and take no personal or professional responsibility for your ticklestomachedness :-)

    Cheers, V-rap
  • I must say that g-samine&chrondotin work great for me. i have a knee problem (see I dont want to stop) and have been taking 1500mg for the past 2 years whilst marathon training I reduce when my mileage is not as high. I have next to no pain in my knee but i do feel the knee when I run out of tablets for any length of time. Katie ZIPVIT found on the net are where I get mine from, very reasonable. Sythree I also take CLO which have the added benefit of being good for the immune system.
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