Pain on top of foot HELP!

Sorry to bother you all.

A day after the Stafford half last week I noticed some stiffness on the top of my left foot.

It's kind of in the middle of my foor and radiates down over my arch.

When I flex my toes up, the pain gets worse. If I balance on the outside of my foot the stiffness goes away.

I think I have damaged a tendon or ligament frommy ankle/foot etc.

Anyone know what I am dithering on about?

Was too late for ice.

Because pain/stiffness goes away, I have ran on it twice this week. Surprise surprise the stiffness is back.

I suppose I will have to rest it and see a physio. Hoiw long a lay off am I looking at?


  • I dont know the answer but `I have similar. It hurts around around the bone that protrudes out of the top of the foot. Somebody has suggested shoes laced too tight as feet swell during running. But I'd welcome any other ideas
  • I have actually had this at times and i got it again after cycling to work (with overshoes on as it was raining). It was when i walked in trainers to where i work- about 5 minute walk within the site. So i think it is laces tied up too tight and not neccesarily while running. Loosen laces where ever you go, but i guess you have already had to do that.

    I have always found that running helps this and there has never been a need to stop running. My guess is you have got weak feet like mine. Mine are very thin esp. the ankles and i couldn't walk till i was 2 and a half. If this is you as well then my suggestion is that you are probably over-tightening shoes to make sure they don't slip at the back so run in New Balance narrow fit or Adidas as they come up very narrow and so there is less need to over-tighten shoes.

  • Thanks for that Peter. I may try some new trainers and see how I get on.
  • i get a pain on the top of my foot and I went and had my gait videoed and got new shoes.  i did two long runs, 20 miles and foot was fine but then yesterday on an 11 miler it started again.   The roads all subside where I live and I wonder as I run on left hand side and its my left foot, weather the bad camber is causing this pain.  does any body else have any ideas, as self diagnosis on the pc is very scary
  • I have had this.  I rested for a week, and iced it every day.  I got elastic laces to ease the pressure over the top of the foot.  I also saw a podiatrist who said the muscles on my lower shin were tight and therefore pulling on the tendon in the foot that leads to the big toe.  She gave me some acupuncture to release the tension.  I also regularly massage my lower shins  with a foam roller, and touching every available bit of wood it is under control.  I am training for VLM so the higher mileage is making my muscles stiff.

    I hope this helps. 

  • Hi
    thanks for advice!! I have started to use my foam roller and I know my calves are tight!! I only had a proper sports massage other day so was surprised they hurt again so quick!! I did 4 miles cross country today and no pain so just wondering if our roads make it worse. All my roads round village are subsided so unless you run in middle it's a nightmare!!
  • Ps I'm training for Brighton marathon and on a very high mileage! Good luck with vlm by the way
  • Oh good luck for Brighton.  The roads round here aren't much better and you take your life in your hands running up the middle!!  I swap sides when I can to try and even it out.  I really hope you manage to sort it.
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