Moors Valley 10K

This looks like a great day out with the family. Run in the morning, picnic in Moors valley at lunch. Moors valley has loads for the kids including a 'Tree top walk' and adventure playground. There is a 4k fun run attached!! Entry into the park is free (just have to pay for parking as I remember). Definately think I'll sign up for this one. Anyone care to join me?


  • Hi Fat Fyes, I've already sent off my application for this. Did a run at the Moors Valley park last year and really enjoyed the location so signed up for this event too. Should be a great day out.
  • Hi Smashie! I've managed to round up a few friends for this run and my 12 year old is raring to do the fun run .... hope the weathers good...see you there!
  • Should be a good day out, if the weather's good I'll even try and persuade my partner to come along to watch with the promise of a post run picnic.
  • That was my plan too! Mines always reluctant to come and support me because he hates waiting around but at Moors valley he can take the littlens on the park whilst he's waiting and he won't even notice me gone! Post run picnic sounds like a good idea! Banana and peanutbutter hotdogs! mmmmmmm
  • I know what you mean about the support Fat Fyes, managed to persuade my partner to watch me for the first time ever last weekend - mainly due to the presence of a tea room next to the start/finish. Even though it was raining at the end she confessed to enjoying it so there's hope that I might be able to make it a regular habit. Not sure about the banana and peanut butter hotdogs though, was thinking more along the lines of conventional sandwiches. Might have to give the hotdogs a try though, they sound interesting.
  • Hi - I just noticed that there is also a 10km just down the road at Avon Heath country park on the same day. Does anyone know anything about either of these so I can decide which to enter? It will be only my second race.


  • Sorry Hannah, I've haven't run either so couldn't tell you. I just know that Moors valley is pretty and has play things to keep the kids occupied whilst I run. At the moment I think its just me and Smashie so not too much competition :)
  • Is the course the same route as the RNLI Run up to Christmas last October?


  • May enter on the day, it depends how revision is going. Moors Valley is amazing, I remember going when I younger. Saying that, I don't tend to have good runs on that sort-of surface. I had a nightmare run at Avon Heath Country Park (across the road) earlier in the season.
  • Moors Valley is a 10km all terrain run going past the station and into the forest and back round the lake. It is a level run with only a couple of slight inclines. Not the same course as the R.N.L.I. run. There are still some places available for both the races so you can enter on the day until full. Entries being taken in the visitors centre from 9am. hope to see you there.
  • hi all Im atempting this tomorrow. good to see theres no hills.This is the first time for a 10km for many years.. wish me luck
  • Well how did everyone do??? What a perfectly beautiful day for it too....bit too hot in places but overall lovely :) SMASHED my pb by a whole 16 seconds!! finishing in 54mins 20ish..... Well its a start :0)
  • Brilliant day, stayed on afterwards for a picnic and then a bit of a wander round. Got my fastest 10K time of the year breaking 50 mins (just) and wasn't far off my PB so well chuffed. Couldn't believe how lucky we were with the weather after the poor forecasts all last week, even have a little bit of sun burn as a souvenir.
  • Excellent! We stayed on too for picnic and wander in the trees. Ended up taking three other children as well as my four and the two boys accompanying us got 2nd and 3rd place with the fun run so great day had all round.....and the weatherman was soooo wrong.
  • Well done all!

    I managed to get a 3000m PB at the county track and field championships, but will no doubt be hearing full reports from the people at my mum's club who ran moors valley!
  • thanks for all your messages. we are so glad you all enjoyed the race. wasnt it a lovely day. we are so lucky with the weather there. only one wet one that i can remember. hope none of you had any problems.thank you for supporting this race enableing us to raise money for charity. looking forward to seeing you all next year. same time (2nd sun may 2007) same place. Thanks again
  • I had a great day too, I noticed a guy taking photos at the start and finish Does anybody know if we can view or bye these ? Also was the guy that apeared to be suffering from heat stroke in the last 2k ok?
  • Don't know about photo's but did see a guy at the finish being treated by paramedics for what looked like heat stroke. He ended up being taken away in an ambulance so at least he got looked after properly, hopefully he's OK now.
  • we have heard that the guy who collapsed is fine. he was exhausted and dehydrated but has made a full recovery.thank you for your concern. we do not know about the guy taking photos. it was not anything arranged by us. please let us know if you find out.
  • Thanks. Will do.
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