lack of training

Need some advice on whether or not to tackle the marathon. I got a place through the ballot (did not expect to!) and I did complete the marathon in 2004 (5 and a half hours).
Have not done enough training, just running once a week, and my maximum time is 1 hour 10 mins. I run around 5 miles an hour.
Should I tackle the run? or would this be really stupid??


  • Assuming that you are refering to "the" FLM (after all its the only marathon out there!) I would post in that forum for more detailed advice but in all fairness if you are only running once a week and less than 6 miles then even thinking about a marathon this side of October is, well, brave...
  • It'd be pretty pointless doing the FLM I reckon. You've done it once, so probably have good memories of it. If you do it again and end up crawling round - you'll spoil those memories.

    You would be multiplying your max running time by a factor of at least 6 and thats just plain silly.

    Pity you wasted your place when there are so many people out there who could have done it justice.....
  • Its very rare for me to tell anyone not to do a marathon

    but-i agree with cougie
    I might have said throw caution to the winds if it had been your first FLM

    why so little training?
    have you been injured or ill?
    If so-then a marathon doesnt sound like a good idea just now
  • I'd defer until next next when hopefully you can get yourself better organised and put in a suitable amount of training (assuming that you've not been ill or injured). As JJ says, there are plenty of others who would love your place and who would put the necessary work in.
  • is this a joke thread? if not, then AJ2 needs to respect the distance and not do it! Also, if she's going to defer and still not do any training, don't bother deferring either and let the place go to a more grateful recipient.
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