Ugh it's early!

Anyone else up or are you all out already?


  • Did it yesterday. 5.48 is maddddd.
  • That's for sure! Feelbetter now it's over!
  • Got up early set off late. After weeks of cold,dark wet weather it fely strange to be in shorts and just a shirt. Got partner to drop me off 22 miles from home so had to make it back. Couple of bottle dumps along the way.First one was on a country road in a forest near York and I daydreamed that at the distance I would have just passed over Tower Bridge until the asparagus ready in april sigms brought me back to earth. Entire run was into a strong headwind (problem of running in mostly one direction)and struggled. Nice cooling rain to finish. Half marathon race next week so slightly off schedule for the sub3.30 but my legs will not be complaining. Any bets it will be warm dry day 4 weeks today just to make allthe bad wether training seem worthwhile? Not long now so keep it steady and focused, get lots of sleep, good food and not too much wine. See you on the day
  • Well done people!

    Ran 20 miles, longest run so far, last night. Didn't set off till after 7 pm so didn't get home till late.
    Lots of rain but it was nice and warm, though dark..., at least.
    Glad that's over and done with!
  • I did a 21 miler on saturday morning it went ok. Im aching a bit but nothing a short run today wont sort out to stretch out those muscles.

    I have a 20 miler in Bedford this weekend and then im tapering, it couldn't come soon enough. As much as im enjoying all this running I can feel the tiredness of this monster month creeping over me.

  • Did 20 miles Sat starting 5:15 am as had to be somewhere early. Then got completely screwed by traffic jams Oh pooh
  • Did 20 yesterday - only second run in shorts this year, which was nice. Rest of the run wasn't though. Legs felt heavy and stiff. Got round though and time wsie it was OK. Really not looking forward to 22 next week but am looking forward to 23rd.

    Is it just me or is it getting really tough to stay motivated?
  • BDB Yes it's tough staying motivated. I love to run but feel I'm just dragging my bones around at the moment. Looking forward to being able to run just for the joy of it rather than with a whip cracking over my back (metaphorically not so demotivated that I've had to resort to self injury to get out!)Just couning down now. Kingston 16 on Sunday then serious tapering for me! Good luck everyone.
  • Phew! Mrs BDB & I thought it was just us! I suppose when the tapper kicks in I'll be gagging to do few extra miles. No pleasing some folks!

    Good luck for Kingston jiggi
  • after 2 days of high winds and heavy rain but warm. guess what? speed session into gale force winds, torrential rain and its gone back to cold. think we all deserve a medal for some of the worst training weather for a marathon i can remember. well at least in n.yorks. sun cream ready for London?
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