Saturday session (24/8)

Best get this in now before retiring as I won't be around much later today....

what: zilch (or close to)
why: Lytham 2nd XI v Caldy 2nd XI - and we need to get to and from Lytham on the nice quiet M6 & M55 :-(
last hard day: Fri
last rest day: Wed 14/8


  • Bl**dy h*ll! The lengths people will go to so that they can beat Martin with his time-zone advantage!

    Today: Three mile recovery ru...umm, walk.

    Why: A couple of (reassuring symmetrical) aching muscles after yesterday's intervals. And it's all I'm likely to have time for today.

    Next week: A mountain or two, I hope. Taking running shoes as well.

    Last hard day: yesterday.

    Last rest day: Thursday.

    See y'awl next weekend.
  • Mike, was it you who cut your run short to have time to go to Safeways? Respect!
    Hope you have a good holiday Vrap, and get up plenty of mountains with or without your brood.

    What: 6 miles easy
    Why: that's all I'm doing until 1/2 m on Monday.
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: Tues
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 5.4 mile recovery pace + weights
    Why: Easy run today before long run tomorrow
    Last rest day: Monday
    Last hard day: Thursday
  • What: 32 mile bike
    Why: Saturday bike session
    Last hard run: Thursday
    Last rest day: Friday

    Got out with a chap from the run club and alternated leading and drafting the entire route which got us round with a 20.5 mph average. I'm hoping we can get a couple more out then I think we'll be looking at the right side of a 21 mph average. Great fun and definitely easier than riding the same route solo at 19.5 mph average.

  • What: Saturday long run 2:45
    Why: key marathon build up
    Rest: Yesterday
    Hard: Today

    Once again feeling self righteous having got out the house at 7:30. Think this will be my longest run though as really tired towards the end.
  • What: nowt (well maybe a leisurely dog walk later)
    Why: I'm fed up being sore all the time and decided to take 2 days' rest this week and see if that repairs me!
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: Thursday
  • What: am easy 8 mile, recce run for 'The Christmas Cracker' 5 mile road race I'm organising for boxing day in Whitstable, Kent [quick plug again!]I've ironed out the hills for this year i.e it's very flat & fast. Last year I managed to help organise & finish 4th. I hope to improve both this year but the race will come first!!!

    What: pm 6 miles fast knocked nearly a minute of previous best time for route.
    Thing's look good for Portsmouth 10 & Bristol 1/2.

    Martin H
    what marathon are you doing & good luck

    Fiona G
    Ginger is suposed to be an anti-inflamatery [spelt wrong I think]
    Arnica is good for sore muscles, try asking your local health food shop.
    These may work! hope your running soon.
  • What: 20 minutes cross training, followed by weightlifting in the gym: chest press, lats, flies, pulley row, shoulder press, then a short 4k run in which I monitored my running form closely.

    Why: needed an all-over workout, and was also keen to see what I might do to improve my form. The awareness itself was helpful; the more I concentrated on keeping a stable yet relaxed core, using my arms efficiently, and keeping mindful of footstrike and breathing, the easier it felt to run, even as I progressively pushed the pace. Interesting!
  • What: Nothing
    Why: I've got a hangover and I'm racing tommorow

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