nordic walking as cross training

I'm gradually getting back into training after being out of action for four months with a lower back/pelvic/groin injury. As I still can't run I'm doing cardio work in the gym - elliptical trainer and power walking with a high incline on the treadmill - and I'm regaining some fitness.

However I don't want to spend too much time in the gym and I've been thinking about Nordic walking as a cross training activity until I can run again (that may be some time yet).

Has anyone any experience of Nordic walking as cross training? If so I'd appreciate some advice on choice of poles etc..


  • I am a Nordic Walking instructor and I run regularly, and it is perfect cross-training for running - lower impact than running and works the whole body. You can work at whatever intensity you like - it's one of the ways the Finnish cross country skiers maintain their fitness through the summer. It is so much nicer than being stuck in a gym, and sociable too.

    Leki is the top make of poles and has a great strap release system.
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