Pins and needles in feet

Hello, Can anyone help me please, I seem to keep getting pins and needles in my feet after running for appoximately 4 miles. I am a neutral runner so use a lovely pair of New Balance 1023's.
The feeling I get is like when you wake up and you've slept on your arm and its a bit dead and tingly.
I can run through it as it isn't painful but it stays with me.
If I am going to advance to longer distances is it going to go away.

Any advice will help.

P.S I have tried differe4nt lacing patterns and it still persists.



  • I think you should go to the doctor - that could be a sign of something.
  • Look at another thread which I have 'boinged' for you - it's called "pins and needles in left foot". A friend of mine has a pins and needles problem and needs to have an operation. I think it can be a symptom of many, many things, many of them minor but some of them major so I would still see a doctor.
  • i was going to post a thread myself on this, i've also had problems with pins and needles. The first time was at the GNR from about mile 11 to end and at the end i couldn't stand on my feet, the st johns ambulance people said it caused by cramp in my feet , but to me it didn't feel like cramp. I'm upping the mileage again for the leeds half and am now running in asics 1100 (GNR was in mizuno mercury) and after 10 miles i'm getting it again. I wonder if i need a wider shoe or something, both of the shoes i've had are 8.5 ladies (normal shoe size is 7, and with 8 running shoes i get black toenails, hence size 8.5). Any advice much appreciated
    PS I've also got IBS but this is just about under comtrol, but maybe it's affecting my feet somehow
  • I also suffer with this, happens at about 40 mins into my run. I've investigated different options but the best advice I've come across is to stretch calf muscles (lower heels over edge of step) before a run, 9 times out of 10 it doesn't happen if I've stretched this way first. Good luck!
  • Mr,

    where have you "boinged" the other thread to me please.

  • Each time you leave a message a thread goes to the top. So if you want ot move a thread to the top (e.g. becasuse it's pages and pages back) but you have no message to write you just write "boing".

    Anyway it should be near the top still.
  • Thanks Mr found it.
    Bit new to all these forum thingy's!!!!
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