London to Brighton 2006

Road Runners site says there won't be a race in 2006 - expecting a fuller statement soon. I assume that means that, barring the construction of cycle lanes to avoid the busier traffic sections, that's the end of this historic race.

What a terrible shame that is.


  • A real, real pity. From the little I know it's understandable but very sad. At least I got one shot at it before it went, but would have loved another.
  • i know.

    & i was going to be old enough this year...

  • I realise that Roadrunners know a lot more about organising it than I do, but I feel that you could organise it more easily with a lot more reliance on runners to find their way and to be more self-reliant crossing roads - long relay races operate on the same principle, after all.

    There was really only one short stretch of road (near Gatwick) where the traffic was heavy and uncomfortably close, but I can see it's hard to get round that, short of building a new cycle path to run on. Much of the rest was pavement or very quiet road.

    I'm also intrigued to know if you could organise it in parallel with the L2B bike ride.

    Glad I did it at least once, but I really was hoping to try it again. Ah well. Maybe if the cyclepaths get better it can be resurrected.
  • The route has changed several times over the years but more in the end sections, The bike ride is bad enough for cyclists let alone having runners as well. It's a nightmare on the roads with all those flippin' 'fun cyclists'
    There are ways of doing it all off road from about croydon but it's not as direct a route, maybe that could be an option.

    I think the underlying thing is that Ian Champion who has literally 'championed' it over the years has earned a well deserved and well overdue rest and that there is not really anyone to step into his shoes.
    Lets face it, most logistical problems can be overcome but it needs the right people organising it.
  • Yes indded
    a great, great pity
    thanks to the organisers and many volunteers who kept this going for as long as they did
  • ...and just as you were going to do it hipps ;o)
  • bugger it that was next on my list

    ho hum, will have to stay home and drink wine instead
  • ah no andrew
    I would never have made the cut off
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