first half marathon

Hi all running my first half marathon in sheffield this year training was going good but ive just got a stinker of a cold and the sheffield lord mayors 10k coming up is it wise to cary on training or give it a break for a few days ( dont want my fitness to sufer )any advise plz


  • take a break for a few won't make much (any) difference to your fitness - but running through a stinker and making it worse could end up with you off running for a longer period.

    Take the opportunity to do some extra stretching if you want to still feel virtuous :-)
  • Ditto what Heckenhocker said.

    When you get back into training,and assuming you're following some sort of schedule, its probably worth stepping back a week or so to bring you back to where you are now.
  • thanks for that gave thursday a miss feel not bad going to have a short run sunday then take it easy till the 10k on the nineth
  • glad you're feeling a bit better....hopefully by Sunday you'll be bouncing around :-)
  • dont know about bouncing but will be doing five to six miles depending on how i feel then after the 10k will be uping the mileagehoping for a 2 hour 10 half
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