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Having recently started running again, and having a desire for a new toy, an SDM seems like a great idea!. If money were no object which would you all recommend? Is it worth waiting for the new Timex bit to come out. Has anyone used one on a bike? Which if any display heart rate as well as speed distance etc?

Help would be appreciated



  • DRFC

    All your questions have been addressed on previous threads -try searching "SDM"

    Nike is a good sytem but unreliable at the moment (keeps breaking)
    It can only be used for running/walking.

    Timex is reliable and accurate (but 'cos it works on GPS, you can lose the signal in some environments - but this has not been a big problem for me)
    This is my recomendation - I have a Timex SDM and love it.

    You probably don't have to wait for the new Timex bit to come out as it all seems to integrate together - from what I've read.
    Can use this on anything that moves - so OK for a bike, roller skates or whatever.

    There is one by Ciclosport that work on Radar and can incorporate a heart rate monitor - only one formulite got this and he seemed to have trouble with the instructions and not seen anything else by him since (still trying to work out the instructions :) - I've probably just not seen the rest of the thread.

    Hope that helps

  • Hello,

    What KP said...

    Plus, the Timex comes in 50 and 100 lap models. The difference in price is not very substantial, but the 100 lap model can be set to beep at predetermined intervals (eg once each mile) so that you can hit the lap button and save laps for analysis later. The 50 lap model doesn't do that, and I've read a couple of people expressing regret that they didn't get the 100.

    And also... they're much cheaper to buy on Ebay than they are in the UK shops. A number of us here have bought them from a vedor calling himself JoeTimex and have been happy with his service.

    Good luck :)
  • Thanks for the help - Just ordered mine a 100 lap model from - £117 including delivery

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