Sore knees on long runs

Hope somebody can help me with this one. I have been running for a couple of years now with no real injuries (luckily),however on my last few long runs (15-16M) I have started to get very sore knees just under the kneecap. It feels like somebody is sticking a knife under my kneecap every time I take a stride. The soreness continues for a few days until my next long run. Any ideas ?


  • The same thing has happened to me,also on a long run.I rested for a few days and the pain last long run of 22 miles went without any pain.I'm running the cardiff marathon next week and will purchase a knee support before then,perhaps you should consider the same.sorry i couldn't give you a more theoretical answer.
  • Could it be runner's knee? R.I.C.E method worked for me.
    I have weak knees too.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Beth, what's the R.I.C.E. method?
  • Rest

    ie. Rest it, ice it, but only for a few minutes to prevent tissue damage, sit dowm and elevate to knee above the level of the hip to allow any fluid build up to drain!

    I've heard later thinking that suggests a mixture of heat and cold when dealing with tissue damage. However it really depends on the nature of the damage. If it's cartilage or something else I don't know if this will work. Why not ice it for a bit, rest up and then try gentle runs, if it's still there, see a physio. Worth £20 to check things out in order to prevent longer term injury. Two weeks gentle now may save two months pain later. I'm not sure of the wisdom of running with knee supports unless you know what the problem is and whether you are making it worse.
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    Thanks for the explanation Barkles. I get similar pain in my left knee and have seen a Physio about it. She manipulated it, gave it ultrasound, told me to ice it if it got painful and said that I definitely shouldn't wear knee supports because the body won't repair itself.
  • Luckily I don't suffer with this but both my husband and brother do - whether it's a case of believing something does you good, I don't know, but both take gelatin for their joints and report big improvements. Nothing special, they just eat squares of jelly! In our triathlon world many athletes also swear by jelly beans, so give it a try. Can't hurt.
  • Many swear by Glucosamine and chondroitin for joints. I took it is shovel loads, well three a day, prior to FLM. Had no aches despite the heavy increase in mileage.

    PSThe C in RICE is compression not constriction. Grovelling apologies. Means the same thing tho'.
  • Thanks for all the advice - I will try each one in turn to see if any do the trick !
    Will let you know - apologies for the delay in replying but after I posted original went away for a weeks hols in Northumberland where I managed some easy runs on some fantastic beaches !! If only all runs were as scenic
  • Message for Barkles.

    Where have you found a physio for £20? The cheapest I've found in Cardiff is £30. I see you are in Gwent - I don't mind travelling!
  • I had this when I first started running but only in one knee - heavy left footer - so now with a knee support and Glucosamine and chondroitin its fine ! wworth looking at the dose as some are low !
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