I need a career change

I left education after my GCSE's, I did well in maths, English and science but I got bullied so didn't fancy college at all. I'm interested in animals and could work with them in some respect, I could also work quite happily in an office (I have done for the past 3 years) I don't mind going back to college to train. Money isn't really that important, a career and the opportunity to progress is much more important. I was thinking about doing an accountancy course but I'm not sure at all!!!

Stupid suggestions are just as welcome as sensible ones!!!!


  • Evenin'.

    You can have my job if you fancy. I've had enough of it.
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    ha ha ha ha thanks 360!! Will you blag that I've got the right qualifications to your boss for me??

    I had thought of joining the circus but I'd have to rent out my house so I decided against it ;o)
  • The work I'm having to do at the moment, the fewer qualifications you have, the better.

    How about:

    veterinary nurse
    back to the stables
    accountancy (if you want to get really bored)
    quantity surveyor
    book keeper
    bookie (er, hang on, scratch that)

    Depends on how much training you want to do and if you need to be earning whilst you train.

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    I did think about Veterinary nurse, it's a possiblity.
    Back to the stables is no good, no career in it. I'd just stay riding out for the rest of my life for £200 a week.
    Accountancy, being bored is the reason I'm umming and ahh-ing about it
    Quantity surveyor, erm, I'll look on the net what one of those does!!
    Teaching, I did think about it but it would take to long to train.
    I do need to be earning while I train, I could do a college course and still work where I am now or train in a full time job and work part time here to top my money up.
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    At the risk of being mocked, I'm an accountant, and I've found that the only boring bit is the training........

    Once you have the accounting skills and qualifications, then it can open up a lot of interesting jobs.

    Having said all that, the training can be deadly dull!.......

    Sorry for a dull response, but what do you expect - I am an accountant!
  • GO - I even enjoyed the training!

    360 - in what way is bookkeeping more exciting than accountancy?!
  • SDI

    You say that money's not your main motivator and you'd like to work with animals. This is probably what you meant by daft suggestions but what about ...

    Working for someone like the RSPCA/Dog's Trust or similar?

    the police in a dog-handling team?

    a job at a zoo?

    okay, too daft for words - sorry ;-)

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    That's interesting to know actually GO and SVT, I guess once I was qualified I could work in just about any industry I choose. I was looking at doing the AAT foundation course to start with then moving on to the intermediate course. What level would I need to pass before I would have a chance of gaining employment in accountancy?? Most assistant/trainee jobs want you part qualified. (I'm 24 so I'm too old for an apprenticeship)
  • SDI - have you tried some of your local accountancy practices? I know that my firm recruits people to do AAT and ATT (the equivalent tax qualification) from scratch - but I think they want applicants to have A-Levels.
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    Not daft at all Scoobysue, I'd considered the RSPCA but I've just bought my first house which is no where near any of their centres! The prob with the police is that you can't go straight into dog handling, you have to do a few years normal service first which I don't fancy at all.

    <goes off to find the nearest Zoo>

    Thanks for all the suggestions :o)
  • You dont need A levels to do the Foundation AAT course and once you have completed that you automatically can do the Intermediate then the Technician level
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    No A levels SVT :o((

    I did 3 months of Maths, Economics and English Lit and then left. I loved the courses but just hated the whole school enviroment so much. Kinda wish I had stuck it out now!
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    Thanks aiki, I'll take a look now :o)
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    I've sent off for a guide dog info pack. Thanks for that aiki, that's something I hadn't thought of!
  • What about doing some A levels first if that would open up more options for you?
  • What about working with a relocation agency? We've just been looking at companies to help our expats and they have people that do things like show expats round the neighbourhood, help with school-finding, general hand-holding. It's not animals but some of the expats are so dumb you could pretend easily enough!
  • One more thought for you, have you tried Learn Direct?

    There's loads of career/course advice on there.

    You could always try the book 'Your Dream Career for Dummies' or summat. I bought that a few months ago. Lots of questions that make you think about what makes you tick. Bit heavy going in places mind and lots of questions to fill in. But it does open your eyes a bit to what sort of work would turn you on.
  • Soz, that was 2 thoughts.

    Are book keepers failed accountants when SVT?
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    Thanks for the link 360. Maybe I need one of those "guidiance advise interviews"

    You are right Hoose, I should follow my passion. But I have two passions, to work with animals and to learn. Accountant for RSPCA/guide dogs? I'll have to sit down and have a good hard think!!!

  • I'm a vet nurse and I'd highly recommend it cos you'd never get bored. However, might I suggest equipping yourself with a rich 'other half' before embarking on this career as you'll be forever poor (but happy!).

  • you could have my job SDI - I manage a veterinary hospital! Only I love it tooooo much to part with it. Oddly enough I started life as an accountant and then moved sideyways into general management. Finance side is still the backbone of what I do though.

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    That's interesting to know Tickled Pink, I was just saying to OH this morning (not rich BTW gym junkie!!!) that if I got into accounting then it would open up doors in all industries. The AAT foundation course is looking more and more like the best option.

    I sent off an application form this morning for a "part time animal welfare assistant" (posh title for a kennel hand in a rescue centre) It's only one day a week so I could fit that around my full time job, I'll just have to wait and see!

    Thank you for everyone's help :o)
  • Good luck with the p/t post SDI. Word of caution, animal care is notoriously hard to get into due to sheer volume of competition. I advertised an animal care job the other week and had over 100 replies, which means that I can get away with paying minimum wage (once an accountant .... etc).

    AAT course is good but you'll need good practical experience to back up the theory. Have you thought about some HNC or equv night school courses combined with working in an accounts job? HNC/HND then ACCA is a good non-graduate way into the profession.
  • How about bare knuckle fist fighter. Short hours, plenty of excitement plus tax breaks.
  • Or, do you believe in God? Are you a good public speaker? In that case you could enrol as padre in the army. Absolve squaddies from their sins, but you don't have to shoot anyone yourself. Sounds ideal to me.
  • never ever, ever, ever, ever be your own boss, run your own business or be self employed.

  • I can only second what Amadeus has said ................... EVER
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