weekend walk?


for the last few years myself and 3 or 4 other blokes have organised a walking weekend, away from wives/kids, so the important ingredients are a testing walk on saturday/sunday and a good pub with real ale/music for friday/saturday night. We went to the peak district for a couple of years, but got bored with that as hills not that high, so last year we tried mount snowdon, much better, we live in the midlands, so Ben Nevis is a bit far/expensive to get to, so looking for ideas, scafell pyke (not sure of spelling!) sounds good, anyone done that?


  • nfs - just done something very similar in the Brecon Beacons. Some relatively high stuff all close together, so you do the biggest peaks in a single day.

    We stayed in this (bunkhouse) which was very cheap and excellent value.
  • SoVeryTired

    thanks, that's just the sort of thing we are looking for, will check it out.
  • Try looking on Trail magazine's web site.

    Both Trail & Country Walking do "walks" in the mag every month, but you can also get them from the website's
  • Scafell is great... There are some really great walks in the Lakes. Old Man of Coniston, etc... I'd recommend the lakes, unless you're wanting something a bit less hectic, in which case maybe the Cotswolds or the Mendips?
  • Agree with DM that the Lakes is a great place, although I haven't been for ages.

    This might be useful if you go for the Brecon Beacons.

    We did a walk that took in Pen Y Fan (896m), Corn Du (873m) and Fan Y Big (snigger - 719m).
  • Dave/Don

    thanks, will look in to these as well,

    ....Fan Y Big, will look in to that?, bit of a hairy climb, a clitthanger maybe?.. oh yes, think the lads will like this?
  • The lakes is truly great.

    Try looking <a ref="http://www.outdoorsmagic.co.uk"> here</a>

    Has lot's of good scrambles / walks listed from all over the country
  • nfs - it was indeed pretty hairy when I was up there. Also a bit cold and windy.
  • This weekends plans include

    Red Screes
    Middle Dodd
    Boncastle fell
    Clough Head

    Depending on the weather... Or we may just spend the weekend in The George in Keswick !
  • ...thanks again folks, some great idea's here.
  • Shame Scotland's ruled out, as An Teallach is spectacular, and a bit on the fun[url] side if you want it to be
  • Bit far for a weekend 2T .. But is good.

    Think one of the best bits about living in Chester is Snowdon / Tryfan in under an hour, Windermere in 90 minutes, Keswick in under 2 hours
  • Shame eh? 3hr drive from Edinburgh (if there's no traffic). But so impressive - flat for miles around, then this monolith emerging from the ground...
  • Dave - very true. As an exile from Chesire, then the Peak District side of Manchester, I find Milton Keynes pretty uninspiring for walking and it takes a while to get to anywhere really hilly.

    God job my parents moved to Fort William so we can spend holidays there - don't need to look too far for mountains, when there are over 20 Monroes within view of the house.
  • One of the great things about leaving Coventry after 20 years and moving back north....

    Retirement plans include moving even further north... Somewhere within 300 yds of The George in Keswick would be ideal
  • i guess the brecons would be the closest, 3 of us live in northampton, so the lakes are a bit of a trek for a weekend, i like wales, but the reception we got from the cafe at the bottom of snowdon last year and the pubs was a bit frosty, to put it politely!
  • nfs - we went from Milton Keynes, and it took 4 hours in an LPG-fuelled Landrover, with a stop for kebab and chips on the way.

    The only frosty reception we got was up on the peaks.
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