Come Off it Campaign 4th April

Climate Change – Come Off It campaign

There's a campaign to prove that small actions make a difference to climate change

The idea is simple: get as many people to switch off unwanted lights and power next Tuesday – the 4th of the 4th – to turn off a power station and save tens of thousands of pounds of cash and carbon.

There’s never been more information in the press and media on climate change yet Government are still reluctant to address the big issues and insist on dancing around the edge. Surely it's time for action ?

Please pass this on to everyone you know who can make a change.

° Here’s what you need to do:

° If they’re not already in place, fit at least on energy efficient light bulb on Tuesday, and save yourself at least £25

° All day on Tuesday, dawn to dusk, switch off every light or power user that you don’t need to have on

° Watch out for sneaky red dots on TVs and monitors – they’re power suckers

° Have the satisfaction of only buying local for one day (the benefits of this will take time)

Check out the action page on


  • To turn off a power station?

    That seems a bit odd, as the station most likely to be turned off would be one of the sustainable sources such as hydro or wind. And it takes a hell of a lot of power and effort to get one switched back on again.

    I'm all for the campaign of saving energy (leave the car at home and walk instead people!), but that's just silly...
  • and all the campaigning, posters, internet usage etc promoting this, will of course more than use up the energy saved
  • Nope - doesn't matter what gets 'turned off'

    Point is we can show just how easy it is to save electricity ie how much non-essential wastage there is out there and how much potential there is to reduce carbon emissions

    And how 'ordinary' people can so easily make a point

    However, Dave - you're right - lets just do nothing and carry on as we have been.

    After all we'll probably be dead before our children have to live with the global consequences of our current generation's thirst for power

  • Jason?


    There's a man here who believes in climate change.
  • well actually, a unicorn & a duck, both of whom are female.
  • 2T you are right about turning one off temporarily being silly, but i suspect the idea is to acheieve a reduction in energy usage equivalent to this.
  • I turned the wife off last night

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