inverurie 10K

Anyone doing the 1st Inverurie/Garioch 10K, Aberdeenshire this weekend.
Any idea what the course is like?
Will it hurt my paws?!


  • UltracatUltracat ✭✭✭
    Not doing it Molly but good luck.

  • Thanks Jane hope to see you one day!!
  • Happened to be in Inverurie with time to kill last night so we drove the course. If you look at the course map the bit that says Nether Davah includes a windy uphill stretch through housing (not too steep though). The back straight is along a fairly picturesque country road and then later on there seems to be a short steep downhill bit through housing at Conglass. Paws should be fine! Good luck!
  • Thanks rossh..I'd thought 'Nether Davah' was a Inverurie curry speciality!
  • Maybe it is. So popular with the locals they named a street after it!
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