How many steps in a 10k?

Simple question - how many strides am I likely to take in my next 10K, given that I'm of average height and stride length?


  • Plot out a small length (say 50m) and count your strides as you run it. Just remember to have a good run at it so that you are in 'full flight' when you start. We did this to calibrate my friends pediometer.

  • Ooops! Meant to say, once you've got the strides taken to cover 50m multiply it 200 to get approx strides for 10K. (If my maths is right!!)
  • Um, most peoples stride is approx 1 metre, thus you will do approx 10,000 steps.

    Think! if you can save 1/1000th of a second per step then you will knock 10 sec off you time!
  • find out how many steps in 1K and x 10 or find out how many steps in 20K and divide by 2.
  • Run 10k and count them all?
    Run a marathon, ,count them all and divide the answer by 4.2?

    Lie in a dark room and not care?
  • why do you want to know???
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    From someone who once asked how much plastic it would take to fill a swimming pool, that is a strange question.... ;o)
  • roflol!!!


    awwwwww - I feel all nostalgic now!

    [pads off to find Cougie]
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
  • I have no idea why I wanted to know, but it suddenly struck me as interesting, and I then spent ages trying to work it out before posting my question!

    Tinywhitevan slopes off to do a search for Jj's swimming pool thread.....
  • there ya go, tinywhitevan

    It was long ago, and far away, I think that the world might have been younger than today...
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  • I generally cover at race pace approx 650steps per mile so around 4000/10k
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    think I had best get the bike out
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