Is it just a male myth ?

Well - honestly.

How many times do we hear that the moon governs the female 'cycle' ?

Yet when I was a kid in a house with 3 women in it we all 'came on' at different times of the month - and now I'm in a house with 2 women and the same goes.

If it were true then 'all' women would become fertile at roughly the same time each month and I guess there would be a 'peak' time of a month when most babies are born....

True...or Fiction ?


  • If you ARE all governed by the moon, does that mean you are all loonies?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    A thread about the moon and cycling - shouldn't this be in the tri forum ? Anyway you'll need to train more than once a month to be any good - hope that helped.
  • Now, THAT is funny!

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