Coniston 14 - 1 April

Odd - did this race yesterday - what a fab event, but no thread and as far as i can see nowhere to review it.

An excellently organised race, right down to boarding over the cattle grid, runs right round Coniston Water in the lakes - undulating all the way, big field, great marshalls and a tremendously well organised finish. 1350 people ran, so I asume some other forumites did - your thoughts?

Only slight criticism i we could have dome with another drinks station - maybe at 4/8/11 miles?


  • D'OH!! There is one - posted by me!!
  • andy-
    theres no problem talking to yourself ,its when you start hearing voices when you no somethings wrong

    glad you had a good race mate well done
  • Andy there was another Coniston thread because I posted on it on sat after the race I enjoyed the run although I feel it is getting tougher I also agree it does need more water stations. I guess you could carry something but the race is hard enough itself. Lovely friendly atmosphere good day out
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