White Rose Duathlon

drewdrew ✭✭✭
Does anyone know what the circuit is like for the bike leg of this duathlon at the end of May?

I'm trying to work out what combination of wheels, tyres and gearing to use.

Anyone else doing it?


  • I'm doing the bike ride in June and the site is http://www.whiteroseclassic.co.uk/html/routes.html assuming that its the same thing. If the duathlon course is part of one of those bike routes, i would be scared!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    IM, it's a completely different event and course, based around Wigginton, North of York. I have assumed, hopefully, that it's pretty flat and on a par with doing a "25"

    Are you going for the 170km route in the classic event? It looks like a very demanding day out - not for the fainthearted!
  • Yeah i'm doing the 170km-want a bit of hurt locker training :-)
  • I'm from York and have done this route. I'm probably going to do it this year as well. The course is basically flat and fast with a bit of undulations in the middle miles. Nothing to get out of the big chainring for though.
  • What the 170km bike ride with 3300 metres of climbing? You should enter the tour JRM ;-)
  • Hello Drew, Iam doing it and did it once before, it's undulating with only one serious down then up which is challenging because of the narrowness of the road and twisty bit over a little bridge at the bottom- If they haven't changed the route it's mostly on country lanes plenty of gear changing to keep it interesting but I was fine with my 12/23 that I had at the time.
  • Iron Mike

    I was responding to the question on the White Rose Duathlon (the title of this thread). You must be talking about a different event.

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