Hornsey YMCA Crouch End 10K

I've heard a few different descriptions of the route for this race. Does anyone know the definitive route? Many thanks.


  • I ran it last year and assuming route is the same its 2 5K laps.

    You leave from Priory Park and wind over to Alexandra Palace cutting across the middle of the park - you don't go over the top but there is still a small hill and then back down on to Priory Road and then round again. Does that help much??! Lou
  • PS meant to say - its a nice course - finishes in the park and last year a local bakers supplied donuts to all runners at the end!!
  • I'm coming here from the Asics Reading Half Marathon thread. It's all gone very quiet over there since the run on Sunday! It was my first half marathon (s-l-o-w), but I don't want to take my eye off the ball, and quite fancied the look of this 10k.

    Further route tips (incl more detail on hill severity!) would be great, plus what it's like atmosphere wise etc. Is it a big field? And does anyone know what sort of times the back of the pack does?

  • Hi Miss Minx. Did this last year. Atmosphere is good and everyone friendly. There is quite a crowd as there are children's races as well during the day. There are a few inclines, but not hugely daunting.

    I did it in just over 60 mins last year and i too was worried about being right at the back, but last people do in about 1.15 / 1.20

    Join up and have fun.
  • This is the first time I've run this event, even though the course passes very close to my front door.

    Looking forward to it. I've run the course a few times in training and agree with MP that the inclines are not too daunting, although the trek up from Wood Green Common to Alexandra Palace Station will feel tough if you're starting to tire, especially on the second lap!
  • I did it last year with my brother, who made me drink lots of grappa the night before in an attempt to ensure he'd beat me. Despite the Grappa I did it only 1 min slower than my PB (and 6 mins faster than bro) so the hills can't be that bad.

    Then I had to run a mile with my 6 year old niece in the fun run. Now that was tough.

    Ex donuts though. Or was that a meringue.
  • I don't know about you but I am still not convinced that alcohol does not have some beneficial effect before races. Far too many stories like yours, Gullible! Perhaps its the pain relief or relaxed muscles!
  • My local 10k so running it for 4th time.

    Usually started by an Eastender as this is Minty's patch. Rumour is that Sonia is this year's gun firer. What more of an incentive do you need to participate ! Plus Dunn's the Baker doughnut at finish.

    Good local support. Definitely not a PB course. Always a large variety of finishing times, 31 mins to 90 mins catered for.
  • I believe that their's a Farmers' Market scheduled at the foot of Ally Pally, on the race route, on Sunday, so I'm assuming that the orgnisers have taken certain measures in order to avoid more than one or two collisions between runners and startled shoppers!
  • Did this last year. Not sure about it at the mo. Just got back this morning from Australia and not sure if I am up to it or not. I know they do entries on the day, so i shall see how i feel tomorrow.

    Good luck to all who are signed up for it.
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