I don't know whether they are still trying to sell it but I had a problem with it in that when I downloaded a map all I got was a black screen.
I contacted them and eceived a reply that the copywriters have inserted something to block access to mapgrabber. So appears my £15 was wasted.

Only good point is had had downloaded and saved a copy of a local area as a master copy so can get around that but thats it.


  • Trailgauge doesn't download maps, its a software tool for planning and measuring running routes on maps. TrailGauge still works and is fully supported by the author (me) and uses maps supplied by the user.

    What you're refering to is the MapGrabber that is freeware and was previously available on the Trailgauge website. You're right that it no longer works because Streetmap now prevent it from doing so and because of legal reasons there won't be a new version that does work.

    I hope that clears it up, if not please email me at
  • I use accuroute. If you want any map thats on screen the just press the printscreen key and paste the page to Word or edit it in something like Painshop pro.
  • I've got Trail Gauge and get maps for it from Multimap. Just right click on the map and save it to your PC as a .jpg file or whatever and then you can open in it Trail Gauge. Very handy.
  • Apologies to Andrew. Obviously what I found useful was the ability to download the maps from Streetmap. Hope to continue with my single master copy of a local area map.
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