The display on my Polar watch no longer displays anything - think the battery has run its course... but can I assume that it is the battery of the watch or could it possibly have something to do with the belt? I only have the basic Polar model if that makes any difference...


  • Sounds like the watch to me. Doesn't the watch show something even when not activated by the belt ?

    Most gyms have cardio kit that works with Polar belts (and similar) so you could maybe check the belt out that way.
  • Hi cougie

    No, the watch shows absolutely nothing... can't get it to be activated, so not 100% sure if its the watch or the belt...

    Don't have gym membership... don't see why I should fork about all that money when the wide blue yonder is free (and cold and windy)!
  • I think cougie's point is that normally, if you don't use the belt, you can still use the HRM as a watch. So therefore, even if the belt was malfunctioning at the moment you should still be able to use the watch. But as you CAN'T use the watch, that would seem to suggest that the problem is nothing to do with the belt, and therefore with the watch itself.

  • Yeah - I had one of the first Polar HRM's and when that wasn't activated - it was completely blank.
    The newer ones (going back about 3 years) say something on the screen to indicate the battery is still there, even though it's not been activated.
  • MIne going back 10 years still shows something on screen if working (Does have buttons tho). Suspect watch first, then belt. Belts last for ages - mine till going after 10 years.

  • Sorry... i have the VERY basic model... it basically only shows the heart rate and that is IT... no battery indicator, no time NOTHING... so it only works when activated.. there's no buttons on it and so there's no other way of knowing... so it is still a case of is it the watch or the strap cos if it's the strap, I can't activate the watch, and if it's the watch, I see nothing anyway... so a chicken and egg situation... and with no access to the gym, it's difficult to assess...
  • Odds on favourite is the watch. That's the cheapest to fix anyway.

    You could try brushing up against other runners wearing HRM straps, and see what happens, but you might get arrested.
  • Probably cost more to fix it than invest in a better model anyway... the saddo that I am...
  • The shops that sell them normally have some kit that tests this for you (think it acts as a false heartbeat so you can see them working in those display cases)
  • Hmm.. that's an idea... anyone with a fake heart around here?!?
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