Glasgow babes wanted for 21st May

A friend of mine Barbara Elliot is looking to recruit 49 other Glasgow Babes to celebrate her 50th birthday running the Britannic Asset Management Women's 10K on Sunday 21st May 2006 running for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.
If you can help her please e mail her at

(don't know if this is strictly out of order on here but promised to try to help her ).


  • What time is she aiming for?
  • don't think it is out of order to trumpet that cause.....

    wait...was he a trombone player? dang.
  • It's gonna need "dedication" to do this.
  • No idea what time she's after but she can run -she'll take allcomers for this though.

    He was a trumpet player! (Actually Barbara's husband died of lung cancer around 7 years ago -she started her running then I think)
  • eggcellent...good for her!

    soon as I get my op....i'm in!!
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