What does jogging pace mean?

It's in the title really - the pacers group for get you round is somewhat vague about the pace

we run-walkers come in all sorts of paces

what sort of pace will the jog bit be?


  • hi,

    i emailed RW and was told 11mm - so i guess as good authority as you get!

  • that's the same pace as the just under 5:00 group!

    I hoped it might be a tad slower :<(
  • I know there's a 1 min. walk break every 5 mins but 11 min/miling sounds a bit fast for a "get you round" pace, given they have a 11 min/miling pacing group anyway.

    Even when I was aiming to run the whole thing I was going to be going at 11:30 min/miling (for just over 5 hours) and all my LSRs have been around 12 min/miling (with walk breaks every 3 miles or so not 5 mins) - not sure I'll be able to keep up.
  • Depends on you -jogging pace usually means "are you able to hold a conversation while running" so something like a minute per mile slower than your normal training pace.

    I know some club boy racers that jog around at a "comfortable" 6 minute miles in a group while others can jog around @ 12mm
  • Feels a bit fast for me too - i might have to just try and set my own pace - always a problem but hey
  • Depends on what you mean by run
    - to me "run" means flat out racing (or 7m/m); anything else is jog (9 m/m) or training (8m/m)
  • but jog for 'get you round' people is not going to be your jogging pace,OOK!
  • get you round run quite fast
    they usually come in about 5.30
  • I have asked RW for clarification. They say that the running bit of this will be between 11 - 11.5 min miling, but that does not take into account the walk breaks. They aim to finish between 5.15/5.30.
  • does it matter what pen you have on your number or can you move up in the same pen as the pacers?
  • I understand that you can move back to a slower pen, but not forwards to a quicker pen
  • so if you are far back you just have to see if you can catch them!
  • yes but don't try and do it too quickly, otherwise you'll burn out!

    I now th theroy but in practice ....
  • maybe ill just hold back til later....im scared!!
  • Does anyone know of any other pacing groups, RW or otherwise, that pace for slower than the RW Run-Walk group?
    Not sure I can keep up with 11m miling..
  • I couldn't keep up with 11 m/miling of continuous running but don't want to run/walk either. My slow run pace is about 12m/mile (I just did a 20 mile run at that pace so I'm guessing that's what I'll do on the day).

    Perhaps we should start our own pacing group Michelle...
  • The get you round pacer starts pretty close to the back. (pen 9?) Although the running is @ 11mm, they run for 5 minutes, then walk for one. When I followed them 2 years ago, it came out at around 12 mm on average, so you'll probably keep seeing them Jennsie!
  • Ah right, that's helpful Diana, thanks! It might be nice to have some support and encouragement from other people, even if I choose to keep running (I only do that because I find it so hard to get going again if I walk). Are you doing FLM this year?
  • No, it was a bit of a one-off, though who knows? one day, I may try it again. I am still running though, and did Beachy Head marathon last year, as well as some shorter races.
  • Oh why did I think running a marathon was a good idea?
    I'm sure it'll be alright on the night. (my estimated finishing time)
  • I'm a completely novice runner, running the marathon for the first time, and am a (very) slow 13 minute miler (average). Who knows on the day? I might see you Jennsie!
  • Lucy

    You could always join us on the FLM Virgin thread. Always a warm welcome there for first timers and others that share their experiences.

    Paces range from sub 4hrs to just about make it, so no pressure

  • Are any of you planning on going to any of the pre FLM pacing events?

    I'm interested in trying the pacing out for the 11 min / jog/walk group to give me an idea of whether i can keep up or not and whether the stop start is for me. I, like some of you above, would like to keep jogging if i can rather than jog / walk but i might not hold up the 11 min pace for the whole thing.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one having doubts about the pace of the official just get around group. And like lots of you, I'm not sure the walking is a great idea - once I walk, i find it tough to get going again and I only like to walk when I really have to and hopefully thats not in the first 5 minutes! 

    Didn't someone suggest another slower group? Couldn't we pull something together unofficially? It would be so mich nicer then to leave it to chance and hope we all meet up on the day.

  • hi everyone, I have a question, I would like to join the pacing group for around 3:45 /4:00 what if the pen I have to go into is for 4:00 plus, can I go into another pen, when I was there last year the people at the entrance to the pens weren't letting people in.
  • Wendy the idea of run/walk is that you walk before you need to so that you actually keep going for much longer at a steady pace.  I will be joining the GYR group this year hopefully and you wont be able to miss me as I will be dressed as Little Miss Naughty (one of the Mr Men).  Hoping to finish in around 5:30.

    Not my first go at it but will be my toughest

    Piranha you can go back pens but not forward.  So you will have to either do your own pacing or try to catch the pacer you want to be with.  They do collapse the pens where you may get the opportunity to get closer but you will still be fighting with lots of others trying to do the same

  • Thanks, I guess I will have to get into my pen earlier and hope that I can move up.
  • I followed the run/walk pacing group at Silverstone the other year but could only keep up if I ran while everybody else was walking which defeated the point really and I had to drop back after 6 miles as it was paced at 11min/miles an my long runs are at about 11:30   Instead I walked at every mile marker which worked a treat and I didn't come in too far behind them.  I remember feeling disheartened that I was too slow even for "just get round" pace but I now know that I'm not alone so don't fret too much people if you are in this catagory - there are a good bunch of us out there!  I found that walking at every mile marker meant I wasn't a slave to my watch either.  Having said that, I am going to have another go with GYR group at Kingston but I won't fret too much if I can't keep up.

  • Hi, I'm getting really nervous now, I did it in 1994 (pre children!). but I'm much slower now .  I don't know whether to join 11 mm pace group or 'get you round'.  I've only done 19mile in training and felt I couldn't crawl another mile!  It took me 4 hours so am wondering, maybe if I did run/walk I might stand a better chance of going the whole distance!  Is anyone else nervous?
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