Tywyn Race the Train 14.3

Now I'm getting a bit scared about this one! My 30th birthday is on the Sunday and I will not be happy if I don't beat this train! Looks like some serious hill work could be in order in the next 3 months... A friend told me it was tougher than running a marathon - which sounds scary.

1hr 47 is the time they state on their webpage as the time the train takes - can anyone explain why the run back is so much harder than going?? Naievly I'd have thought that running inland from the coast would be harder than coming back... How fast a half marathon time do you need in order to stand a chance of beating it??



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    Fair to moderate. You'll get round and the trick is to be as fast as you can to the turn as most of the second half is on sheep tracks where you can't overtake.

    A great day out.
  • I'm in and hoping to make a long weekend of it camping with kids :-)

  • I've entered already. Last year I stayed in Aberystwth but this year hopefully closer to the event.

    Clear head today Caz ;-)
  • Yes thank you WA :-) I was very reserved, as always :-)

    Tougher than a mara Boycie says, can you confirm this WA!?!!?

  • Absolutely Caz :-) Much tougher race !!!

    Oh, and I know of no-one more reserved in temperance than you ;-)
  • Hi WA - Running Caz here. Really!?!? surely not tougher than rhyadar!?!?! It's only a 14M and not as hilly. Just lie to me if it is tougher as I'll prob change my mind :-)

    Did the LAST LONG RUN today by the way :-) Did 18M this a.m (just as the schedule says :-) Was pleased with how it went considering how ill I am. Took 2:40 and am glad to have the last one done and dusted :-)

    ...... now about to celebrate. Where are those bottles of cider ........ :-)

  • Yes Caz, it is tougher. Much harder.

    Right, must dash, it's Elvis's shift in the chip shop and he does a cracking pork pie.

  • Oh, and the distance is more like 15.7
  • WA - beef curry a-la-nibbs style for me mate. Mmmm, chips :-)

    Where's Boycie gone from the top of here? His posting has totally disappeared ... or have I had too much cider already!?!!?

    You're frightening me now Alex!! How about tougher than the Wyre Forest Half Mara in sweltering heat? Surely not!!

  • No, it is no more tougher than Rhayader or the Wyre Forest than Elvis working in my chip shop. Prob less hilly than Wyre Forest. It is about 8 miles to the turn and to beat the train you have to 7mm it to the turn. Hills are mostly on the way back.

    Heat is the main problem, not good news for either of us Caz.
  • Heat!! August!! It aint looking good you're right there WA. But I shall go and enjoy it. Could do with taking my time as it'll be a rare break from the kids ;-) Sooo....... we running together mate? or shall we leave it as meet accidently when the sun gets to much? :-)

  • I'm happy to have a crack at it with you Caz, it'll be good and as you say we always expire in the heat at the same point. It was bloody boiling last year. Factor 50 here I come.

    Caz, they are all wind up merchants, so beware. Look mate, it's just like a half marathon with a bit of a warm up added in. Flat as a pancake too, after all, it's by the seaside. Oh shoot. My wooden nose has hit the PC screen.

    Ok. Serious head on.

    It's not a flat HM, but it's not a marathon either. If you train up to 20 miles, then you'll have a good tank full. The dividends from hill work will be well and truly repaid. Relevant race times? My HM PB from March last year was 1:26:30, with a marathon (FLM) of 3:06.

    The first half is mostly a gradual climb over fields, and I hit the turn in 49 min (7m/m). Then the route goes ballistic. The next mile is very steep, narrow, and FKN Ard. After that it's undulating (ha ha), with a nice side slope to keep you interested. Keep the pace up on the upslopes, and don't forget to charge down the down slopes. The very first and last mile or two are on the road.

    BIG TIP: The train hoots it's whistle at the last stop before town on the way home. Don't give up, but race like your life depended upon it. I clocked 1:46:02 last year, beating the train by a minute. However it may be faster this year.

    Anyway. I'm up for it again. Big time.
    My 10 year old is entered into the 5 km fun run in the morning, (so am I). We're camping again, so that she can meet up with a friend she made last year.

    And it's a fantastic party. No need to drive home either.
  • I can run a 1: 24 half and 3:11 full Marathon but didn't beat the train,did 1:53 did my Quads and ankles in, but will do again.
  • done this a few times and doing it again this year.Not much more I can add other than it's very tough and if you haven't trained properly forget about beating the train and just enjoy the event.Personally I think it's one of the most gruelling races out there :)

    Anyone got confirmation of their entry yet?I entered back in Feb, have e mailed the race organiser and haven't heard anything back.
  • Welsh AlexWelsh Alex ✭✭✭

    Not heard anything either.
  • Hey Boycie, it's my 30th the week before and for some odd reason I was thinking of doing this to celebrate? No chance of beating the train though...
  • Where do you camp and whats the site like? H you sure this is how you want to spend your 30th? Nibbs what race are you doing next that youve just finished your last long run for?
  • Are enteries limited, when is closing date?
  • deathbyhamster what "special" things did you include into your training for this race
  • H. What better way could there be to celebrate a 30th?? I am also organizing a round the campsite handicap the day afterwards!!!! It's all for charity - i am raising money for Cancer Research UK in memory of my granddad. I am shaving off my ludicrously long ponytail after the big race!! There is a sweepstake on the weight :-)
  • Nothing special, just lots of miles with lots of hills. There isn't really any training you can do for the murderous camber on the way back ,I could saw 10 inches off my left leg and re-attach my foot, but I'm not that dedicated.

    Anyone heard anything from the organisers yet?
  • I havent entered yet. Boycie, more info on the campsite please or perhaps a link?
  • Woonder if the train will be on time, perhaps delayed as signals not working or lorry on track, give us all a fair chance.

  • Have been away so am kind of behind in entering races and that kind of faffage. I take it this isn't full yet? Still can't decide whether it's a good idea or just plain ludicrous...
  • lol

    The name of the campsite we are staying at is:

    01654 710684 - Ynysymaengwyn Caravan Park

    I won't try and pronounce that :-)
  • H. it's both a great idea and completely ludicrous - i think that's the appeal!!!
  • Yeah you're right. Are you staying at the campsite on just the friday night or both? How much is it? Is it close?

    Good prep' for the Budapest Marathon at the start of Oct I guess...
  • Is it a proper campsite, ie showers etc? Dont know if I convince my girls to stay in tent for two nights, are there any BnBs/hotels close by that anyone can recommend?
  • The races don't usually hit max capacity, but the 10k was almost full last year. However all the B/&Bs and hotels were full yonks in advance. Any local restaurants and cafes are also booked up.

    We camped at Pall Mall, only a 10-15 minute walk. There's another campite right in the town. Both have shower blocks etc. I suggest taking your own instant BBQ and cooking kit. No problems that way with trying to find somewhere to feed you.

    FnF I'm taking my 10YO daughter. She wants to race the 5k train (fun run) again. So I'll end up doing the 5k as well as the 14.5 miler.

    Prepare yourself by doing lots of steep hills and 18 mile runs. And when you saw your foot off, make sure that it's the LEFT one.
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