Anyone running for Wateraid?

I've run FLM twice on my own place for Wateraid and think it's a great charity. I donate money I receive for giving talks and thought I could give it to someone off the forum rather than sending it direct.

So if you have an online sponsorship page let me know and I'll choose a lucky winner (or share out the dosh). Not sure how I'll choose - it may be a lucky dip, one that appeals most or the person most like me.

Happy running!


  • Nobody?

    I did a talk last week, another tonight and another on Wednesday..............
  • ........... and another today. That's £75.

    And I did some last year as well.

    Tomorrow's the last chance.
  • Looks as though I'll have to either pay direct to the charity or look on their website.

    Never mind - it all ends up in the same place.
  • K2, I am running for the "running water" campaign ... take a look at

    []Running Water
  • K2, I am running for the "running water" campaign ... take a look at

    Running Water
  • hi K2

    I'm not running FLM this year (failed to get a ballot place and didn't want to do a GB) so would like to wish you luck running for Wateraid charity of missus (Petal) is running but doing it for VSO

    you may want to look at btw (can't be arsed doing the link!) - that's me coming through the finish of Ironman Switzerland last year. I did a report for WA as I raised money for them with FLM and IM last year and they liked they picture so much, they decided to use it to advertise......

    would you like my autograph?? ;O))
  • sorry - just read your post again - you're NOT running this year.....doh!! good suggestion of yours though..........

    try - is Petal's VSO page.....another good cause - maybe you could sponsor her????
  • Hi folks!

    I'm loyal to WaterAid - they've been great with me so I want to carry on supporting them.

    FB and Petal
    Hi! Good pic! Autograph next time I see you, please. Beachy Head again? Or shall I just bow down at your feet? Good luck to Petal - another good cause, as you say.

    An update for you.
    I've donated to three people directly via the WaterAid site. One got double as she works for the charity, so I've given some as a thank you to the guy who's given me a great massage on the two occasions I've run for them.

    Good luck to all the runners. I'll be thinking of you from the comfort of my armchair. I'm not being lazy - I have other plans.

    Happy running!
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