Sunday 9th April

MinksMinks ✭✭✭
Hopefully appropriate lyrics for today's marathoners - good luck to you all!

What: 5.6 miles easy.
Why: Did long run yesterday as we're going to the Powergen Cup final at Twickenham this afternoon.
Last hard: Running against 25 mph wind in Wales today - hard to stand up at some points, let alone run!
Last rest: Thursday.

Good runnings all ...


  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    He's a faster runner than me, and obviously a faster typist too! BR beats Minks to the line ...
  • <yawn> Morning!

    Good luck to Rotterdam, Paris, Reading and beyond! Excellent future race wishes also to the heros of the day - Poppy and Scooby! (Would have added mava but I suspect she'll be running!)

    Well done NZC (although I'm sure you must've got the age category wrong!)

    What: Off to do Thames Towpath Ten - but sadly they announced the walking pint of pride won't be there this year!
    Why: I wanna PB
    Lyrics: Think I kind of know Minks' but not sure...

    <H hedges his bets...>
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