Last long run went really badly

Yesterday I went out for my last long run before tapering....and things went badly.

I had a cold, my legs felt hollow, I'm sure I got my food / drink wrong, I was continually running into a headwind, my pace for the first two miles went to pot and to top it off my feet started bleeding.

In the end I had to stop after seven miles!

I'm now pretty down about two weeks time despite the rest of my training going ok.

Is it common that the last serious run goes badly...or should I use that deferral form?


  • Don't be daft! - if the rest of your training has gone well then that's all that matters - you've already done all the hard important work.

    If you had a cold - maybe you shouldn't have even set out on a long run.

    You need to look at what went wrong yesterday and why - so that these things din't go wrong on the day - in particular, why were your feet bleeding on only a 7 mile run? What do you think was wrong with your food and drink?
  • I agree with K9.

    Not all of the problems were within your control and those that were, you can learn from before the big day - that's in part why we do these practise runs!

    Another way of looking at it is; if you've got your bad run (and cold!) out of the way, it's less likely to happen when it really matters in two weeks time.

    Be glad!
  • H.P.

    Forget about training.
    You can only do harm now if you try to do more.
    You now have two weeks to rest and recover for the big day, concentrate on doing that.

    Good luck on the day - Rmember to have fun.
  • One bad run doesn't make you a bad runner. If you have done your training okay up til now this run won't make that much difference now. Main thing is to find out why your feet were bleeding, rest up and get over that cold and start stocking up on carbs for the main event.
  • Two comments.

    Every dress rehearsal goes wrong.

    Winston Churchill was once asked to give words of advice to a group of school children. His response " Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give in!"

    I am sure you will have a great day.
  • How weird about your feet cause mine suddenly blistered really badly on Saturday and don't know why. Did everything the same as week before - only thing could think was maybe insole had moved place or something but was on both feet so seems unlikely!!

    do you have any idea why your feet bled?
  • The only reason I can think why feet bled is toenail growth - bit gross I know.

    I did have relatively new shoes on - but I've run far longer in them before on several occassions.

    I suppose the motto is cut your toenails!
  • HP.
    Last Sunday I should have run 20 miles, I managed 6ish. My head/body didn't want to know. Don't feel bad about yourself I'm sure you will be great on the day. Best of luck
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