Saucony v-grid 9000

does any body have any info on saucony v-grid 9000 training shoes? weight? model year? anygood? I have searched the web quite a bit but cannot find any info on them at all.
Cheers. Ian


  • Ian,

    The v-grid 9000 is not a name we'd been using I'm afraid. If you can give us a further description, perhaps we can point you in the right direction. All current styles available in the UK can be seen on

    If you have the shoe, look on the tongue for a style number (it'll be 4 digits followed by a "-" and another number). If you don't have a pair, where did you hear about them, perhaps that will give us a clue!

    Hope that helps!
  • Dear Saucony UK?
    Thanks for the speedy response. I seen the shoes advertised on natterjack's web site at a seemingly bargain price of 30 quid. I e-mailed the shop with an initial enquiry about the shoes,the weight ,the model year ( sounds as if I was buying a car! ) but no reply . So I eventually telephoned to enquire about the shoes, when I did get through to the shop, the chap on the other end told me it was a discontinued line and then gave me a load more info about the shoes which I'll have to admit I didn't hear a single word of because my 2 breadsnapper's ( children )were arguing in the background , but I hope I heard enough good info on them cause I have ordered a pair and parted with the old Jingle Jangle! When I get them I will certainly audit them for the info you have described in your reply and get back to you.
    cheers Ian
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