Personal CD player.

Just bought a CD player and lo and behold it doesn't have a belt clip. The only carrier I can find is over £20 which seems a bit steep. Also, it's a belt so it will interfere with my bottle belt on long runs.

How do you carry yours?


  • I don't - I have an mp3 player which weighs 30 grams and fits in my pocket ;)

    (But if I did have a CD player, I'd probably put it in some sort of micro-rucksack thing.)
  • Put it down the front of your pants and impress the girls.
  • Psi, What type is it? Are they easy to use and download stuff onto? Do you feel vulnerable running with music in your ears?

    Cougie, as an old girl I can say that a nob shaped like a CD player would worry rather than impress: square peg .....
  • Lol, Helen :-)
  • (Um... that's not "lots of love", incidentally! Just remembered y/day's thread! :-)
  • Aaah, put it edge on, and it would help you cut through the wind ! Clever eh ? Might try that for London.

    Helen provided you have a pc then it's easy and quick to download onto.

    Either from your CD collection or off the Internet. Does help if you have broadband for that though.
    Never worried me running with music - only real danger I think is that you might miss a car engine starting and reversing onto the pavement, so if I think that's possible, I knock the volume down.
  • I'd see if you can get one from argos so if its no good you can take it back. my skip-proof machine skips everywhere unless I hold it in my hand, including in thigh pocket - though I haven't tried in on hip
  • RW reckoned a £60 Goodmans one was good - no jogging at all. Of the player I mean, not like the player prohibits you from running slowly...
  • Cougie, I've now got a mental picture of you in lycra shorts with an enormous CD player codpiece thrusting your way through the crowds at FLM! Scary. ( I'm imagining you with the face and body of Keanu Reeves btw, hope that's accurate!)

    Wee P, must have missed the lol thread, but must admit that's what I thought it meant for ages. I was quite disappointed that people were merely laughing at me instead of sending love to me.:)
  • Helen - sooo uncanny !! That's like tooootally amazing duuuude !! ;-)
  • Cougie, you wouldn't do that if you knew the effect Keanu had on me!!! <thinks lustful thoughts>

    Sadly the image has now changed to you running as Blackadder The First with CD codpiece.

    Must watch Point Break and get Keanu back into my filthy imagination....
  • Point Break is an excellent film. Do you look like Bodhi's girlfriend by any chance ?

    Er, still researching how to carry CD players. Is wrapping it up in a carrier bag and just carrying it out of the question ?
  • I think I'm totally out of step with most of you, I wouldn't dream of running with any kind of music in my ears. Safety first is my motto, I'm out in the forest on a daily basis, miles from home and I really want to be aware of anyone else who just happens to be coming up behind me.
    And I have enough to do just running and carrying my bottle belt, without adding even another gram of weight!
  • Cougie, sadly I do not resemble Point Break girlfriend. However, many of my charming pupils have said I llok like Cat Slater before she grew her hair: cheeky gits, I do hope I don't look like an old slapper! However, it's more glam than the Dawn French comparisons they liked to make before I lost serious weight!

    Anyway, on the internet EVERYONE is gorgeous, just as long as they don't use real photo!
  • Helen, my player (like Cougie's) is a Kiiro CA-128. It's about the size and weight of a full matchbox; slightly slimmer than a matchbox though.

    Once the software is installed, which was very straightforward, the player appears as a removable disk drive when you plug it in. So, tho it'll only play mp3s, you can use it to 'store' other types of file if you needed to. But more relevantly, this means transferring mp3s is very easy - you just use Windows Explorer like you would for any other drive on your computer.

    As for running with music in my ears - I try not to make a habit of it when running on the road! But for other types of running, it's a godsend - I LOVE music, i find it doesn't distract from my technique, and no-one would try anything, cos I'm 'ard, me ;)
  • Psi, thanks for the info. You missed out one crucial point though: do you stuff your MP3 down your pants as Cougie does? ( can't help thinking they're a bit too small to impress the girls...but as you're hard anyway......);-D
  • Oh my God, sorry. That was just too rude. Am ashamed. This thing needs a delete feature.
    <hangs head in shame> dirty old Cat Slater....
  • Helen T !!

    Go wash your mouth out with Lucozade Sport !
  • Am still ashamed Cougie. <blush>
  • Hee hee!

    As a matter of fact I do stuff it in my pants Helen - the Kiiro is light enough to be un-noticeable in my shorts pocket ;)
  • Plus it keeps the batteries warmer and thus keeps it going longer. Ooooeeeer Mrs !
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