Pace wristbands

I think I've seen mention of people last year wearing pace wristbands to check progress. Am I right or just a little bit air headed, anyone know if they exist and where?


  • Never heard of them. I use my cardiosport watch set at what ever min miles I want to run at.
  • think they are under training and near the pace calulators on this web site :-)
  • Hi Salts, they're here on this site - just click 'Calculators' on the Quick Links list at rhe top left of the page

    or go to
  • Thats great, thanks Sean, By, its a dead clever thing, hours of fun. Living up to it on the day will be the test though, have a good one all
  • Hi,

    I have looked at the Pace Bands and would love to have one, only problem is as a first timer I have no idea of how long to put to cross the start line. I will not be near the front, any help with this appreciated.

  • Shell

    for the London Marathon, you don't need to factor in any time to cross the line.

    That's because your official time is calculated from the moment you cross the line (using a chip on your shoe), rather than when the start gun goes off.

    So just start your own stopwatch when you cross the line, and use that to match the targets on your wristband.
  • Makes sense, thanks Sean.
  • Why not try Tyvek wristbands? Use a biro or marker pen to record the split times you are looking for. They cost pennies. Once in place they are waterproof and incredibly tough.

    Some events already give you the wristbands (to allocate start times/ start blocks). In which case take a pen from a betting shop with you and a list of your split times to write on the wristband.

    I've included a link to my husband's website to show how to put a wristband on

  • Lucozade always give them out for the London Marathon. 

    If you print your own - just cover it in sellotape to make it tough and waterproof. 


  • Mmm, tasty Spam, served 6 years after it might have been useful image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    The type is too small for me on these bands . I copied what I saw at VLM this year by writing the times on my inside arm in permanent marker. It worked well at Liverpool. Problem is I can't wiash it off do will have to stick to the same pace at next years VLM
  • they were giving away pace bands at the Expo in London but the trouble is you had to get there quick as anything over 4.30hrs went very quickly!!! 

    yes i've heard of people writing the times up their arms 2old!! 

  • Yeah the type is too small on most pacebands, and if I write up my arm it gets lost in the wrinkles. In another place I have a tattoo that usually looks like "Ludo" but really it says "Llandudno"
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