Running watch

Looking for some advice please.

I am wanting to get a new running watch for about 25-30 quid.

Must have lap/split time function for races.

What's the best brand for the money and does anyone know of some juicy bargains out there at the moment.

Thanks for your help.



  • Timex Ironman is a great watch.
  • Tchibo HRM Shows Time
    Timer count down
    Chrono train stop watch (21 lAPS)
    User profile weight height etc
    Activity setting; define traing conditions

    This is also user friendly Cost me £13.99 No I havent missed a one of the front.
  • Larry,
    Sounds a bargain where did you get that from?
  • Cougie,
    They seem to be coming up at the top of any searches on the internet.

    Are they easy to use cos they look like they have a lot of functions?
  • Another vote for the Timex Ironman. I have the 50 lap Sleek. It *is* easy to use; the top row of the display can show words which guides you thu the menus
  • yep to Timex Ironman - never fails - but it's a bit like Lidl and Aldi - products are not always available...........
  • Timex is the most intuitive watch I've used. Very user friendly.

    I did get a bargain HRM from Aldi, but I just could never really work out what it was doing, so it was a waste of money.

    The best thing is the timer function - run a race with mile markers and set the timer to beep every 10 mins if you're a ten minute miler. Really great for keeping you on pace.
  • I have found the Polar HRM S120 online for 35 quid inc posting.

    Any advice on these.

    I see it has a 50 lap split timer so that covers that part for me but are the chest straps a pain in the preverbial or do you get used to them?

    Torn between HRM or a watch.

  • I've worn the straps for about 15 years now - I'm so used to it, that they don't bother me in the slightest.
    Takes a couple of runs to get to that though.

    Only get a HRM if you are prepared to test yourself to get your max HR though.

    If you don't bother with that, then there isn't much point in a HRM.
  • Another vote for Timex Ironman
  • Thanks for everyones help yesterday.

    Called in at Decathlon in Sheffield today managed to get myself a Timex Ironman 30 lap for £18.45. BARGAIN

    Cheapest i've seen it anywhere.

    Can't fault Decathlon for price.

  • I've got a casio "PHYS", 60lap split memory (but storing a time uses up 1 space, eg a 10k race would use 11 places)
    Had it 2 2.5 years and strap has just snapped. Cost about £24 from Argos
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