accomodation Hawkshead

I had a family room booked in the Sawrey House Hotel, near Hawkshead from Tues 25th to Sun 30th April.

The Hawkshead trail race is on Sat 29th.

If anyone is interested, I can give you the contact details of the hotel, since I had to pull out due to an injury, so we wont be going now.


  • sorry for wasting your time everyone.

    Seems like the hotel nor the travel agency will not allow me to cancel anything without losing all my money.

    So I'll just have to enter the race and hope my knee is ok.
  • See you there - have you seen the course pix on line?

    They say there are no serious climbs - but they said that about the Coniston race last year - it was the hardest race I've ever done

    Take your time and you'll be ok :>}
  • Hi OOK,

    got to go there now, we would have been losing 500 quid in hotel reservations and the car booking for the boat.

    Determined that my knee will be sorted.

    Its a trail, which is considerably easier than a 'fell'. I've ran a few fell races here on the Isle of Man which basically head as the crow flies across open hills, bush, swamp.. you name it...Can't say I love it, especially the twisted ankles.

    The Hawkshead trail should be pretty pleasant by comparison, but I'm sure still challenging. I wont be challenging for the win, but I'm out just to enjoy it.
  • Dave - Sorry to do this to you but:

    The Hawkshead Trail race is on 22 April - looks like you'd be a week late.

    It's a great time to visit the Lakes though so I'm sure you'll find plenty to do whatever.

    Both - please wander over and join us on the Hawkshead Trail race thread then catch up with us in person on the day.

  • Andy, thanks mate. Major panic there.

    Yes I've got the dates right and my booking, I made a mistake above saying 29th.

    I'll see you there, knee pending. We'll have to see what punishment it can take this weekend with my 31 miler.
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