bum bag rubbing

I went for a long run yesterday with a fully loaded inc. two drinks bottles, bum bag.

after 2 hours it started to rub at the base of my back, and now I have a sore patch which is rubbed raw.

Obviously I had the bag strapped up well and bounce was limited.

any tips or ideas how to prevent this from happening, as I am doing a long mountain run this weekend of about 6 hrs and dont want the associated agony.


  • Buy a camelbak ??

    Its probably a good idea to have 2 layers on where you have the pack so that the tops slide on each other and not on you.

    If you get a camelbak then it shouldnt rub where the belt was rubbing - and I think the belt will hurt anyway - just 'cos you won't have healed up properly.

  • Cougie, I'd considered this, but in practice I need to swivel the bumbag around to the front, so that I can drink and eat. Then twist it back around the back again.

    Any sort of rucksac would require me to undo the harnesses and take it off mid run, with it swinging by my side whilst I fish stuff out

    ...in practice its a bit more hassle.
  • dave - get a camelbak flashflo which has a bladder and drinks tube which clips onto the belt - you drink from the tube so no need to swivel the bag........it also has mesh pockets on the side so you keep gels in and reach behind for them.........and it also has a zipped pocket for keys, phone etc but could also be used for food 'cept unzipping it behind your back isn't easy - can be done with some training...............

    have done a couple of marathons and lots of solo long runs (over 15 miles) with it without it ever rubbing.............
  • Thanks everyone.

    My wife bought me a Camelbak, so I better fish it out of the loft and see.

    I was a bit reluctant to use vaseline coz this will knacker my new white top.

    I had considered bandaging around my gut and lower back as well.

  • Go to an online tri shop for Bodyglide. Googling it will send you down the wrong path....

    (Do Wiggle do it ? They're always spot on for delivering stuff)
  • I am surprised this has got to the 9th post without degenerating into the smut and filth that the title suggests!

    You boys on your best behaviour ?? ;-)
  • thanks everyone. I'll give it all a shot.

    ...and Meldy, I'm guilty of certain vices, but rubbing my bumbag is not one of them.
  • Either tighten strap as much as possible - so it doesn't slip and slide (and therefore chafe) - problem is though that if you're not used to wearing one it can be v. uncomfortable.

    Or, before running plaster the area under the bag with a load of zinc oxide tape. Totally prevents blisters!!!! The real fun starts after the run and you try to remove the tape - perhaps shaving body hair beforehand might help!!!!
  • Hi Zero,

    I had worried about that, which put me off the whole tape idea, thought it would be very painful.

    I'm going to try a non staining lube, and tighten things up good and tight.
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