Moonwalk Training this weekend

Does any one fancy doing a long training walk this Sunday? Richmond Park, Kingston area. Looking to do 3 to 4 hours. Very happy for people to start with the group but who don't want to do so much.

Please email me.




  • Hi Pauline,

    I am doing the moonwalk too, so would love to come along - it can get boring walking on my own! I don't think I can manage that length of time yet, but would love to do about 2 hours - would that be okay?

    I live in the Kingston area too, or could meet at Richmond Park?

    Anyone else out there!??
  • Hello Sally

    Great if you can come along. 2 hours is fine. I am intending to start in Richmond Park and then head towards the towpath to make it a longer walk. You can walk for however long you prefer. We only have a few weeks to go and it would be good to get a group together for these longer walks.

  • Afternoon!

    Great, I think I will aim for 2 hours, and then carry on if I feel okay. Looking forward to it, it will be good to have some company.

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