Symphisis pubis pain

I am REALLY panicking now. Just back from physio and have to rest until next wednesday. Joint at front of pelvis is very sore (hurt like crazy when running on Monday, but wore off after about 2.5 miles) I'm really worrying about managing FLM. Can't switch to "get you round" as that is what I was going to do anyway.
Help! Please!


  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Have a little read round. There are plenty who are struck with injury at this point.

    Are you heavily sponsored? If not, you might consider defering. Running is for life, not just one FLM one year.

    There are, even, believe it or not, other marathons. Some of the LDWA events are terrific for run/walkers, because most of the people are walkers! And the food is terrific.

    The nice thing about deferring is that you can do it right up to the last minute.

    If you decide to run it anyway, and you had planned to do the get you round scheme, you will be planning on run/walking 5/1. You can experiment. Is walking more comfortable than running? If so, try a 3/1 or a 5/2 run/walk ratio next Wednesday when you give it a try.

    If you have a lot of money on your shoulders, it all hurts too much, but you have to do it anyway, there will be others in exactly your situation.

  • Thanks. I deferred from last uear (ITB) so can't do that again. Will just keep fingers crossed!
  • jiggi, surely if it wore off after 2.5 miles rather than getting worse you will be ok, personally I would only defer if I was badly injured as you will have that what if feeling,defer and you will never know, mad words froma first time marathoner. If you were an elite athlete and your reputaion depended on your time then defer, but if you are running for charity who cares or even really knows what a good time is?? most people you know will be too impressed looking at your medal to worry whether you did it in 3hrs or 6.
  • Paris Thanks you. I am hoping for the best. Will rest as physio says and am having some acupuncture tomorrow. Good luck to us all!
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