how do you wear new trainers in without getting blisters

everytime i get massive blisters on my heels


  • I find trainers these days are much better made than they used to be, and I never get blisters. Maybe I'm just lucky with foot shape and so on. Perhaps try different socks, or if the problem is with your heels, apply thin plasters or micropore tape to the area before setting out on your run. Failing that, the more drastic thing to do (my dad does this) is cut notches out of the achilles section of the heel tab.
  • cheers virgil im currently taping my heels
  • Sounds like the wrong shoes to me. Or perhaps they're too loose.
  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭
    i don't get blisters from new trainers, maybe you need to check the ones you get suit your feet as JJ says
  • HJ
    Do you lace through the top eyelet hole in the shoe? That will ften hold the shoe tight enough to make a difference.
  • I agree with Jj - like ML I've NEVER had a blister from new shoes......I usually buy 'em on a Friday and go for a long run in 'em on the Saturday!
  • last 3 pairs have done this .could be i have the laces loose if i have them tighter my feet seem to loose circulation
  • If you're getting blisters then they're not right for your feet.

    New shoes should never give you blisters.
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