Arthroscopy/knee operation

Due to problems with my knees I need to have the above.

Has anyone been through this or got any advice.

I have been advised that I will have to use crutches for a bit after the op. How long afterwards will I be able to walk/run or is this just dependant on the individual?

Many thanks



  • Fiona,
    I've had an MRI scan today as the medic thinks I may have a bucket handle tear of the meniscus (think that's right). I've paid to have the scan as there was no way I was having invasive surgery before finding out the problem for sure beforehand, have you had a scan ? I've been doing a lot of trawling around the internet about arthrocopies and to be honest the news does not sound good. Lots and lots of horror stories and not many success stories. I agree that you are more likely to read of complainers, but it has scared me. What is your knee problem ? My left knee causes me some discomfort and some swelling around the lower inside knee area sometimes making it difficult to fully straighten my leg. No problem running at all more a problem walking 3 big heavy dogs, so I'm very reluctant to have surgery on something that is only causing me minor problems. Did your doctor say anything about long term prognosis if you didn't have surgery ? I should add that I am not young (49) Success stories seem to be better amongst younger people. Don't know if any of that helps and I certainly don't want to scare you. What are you having done ?
  • Ermintrude

    Did you choose that name because of the Magic Roundabout?

    I have injured meniscus as well! Am not intending to have MRI as hopefully x-ray to establish that knee cap is ok, plus opinions from dr, specialist, osteo and physio are enough.

    I cannot walk very far and running is out of the question at the moment. I too have dogs (4) so have to go out and walk them whatever the weather. The wet weather has turned everything here into a mud bath and river which does not help when trying to walk in it.

    Dr has not mentioned long term prognosis but as I am going to see consultant this week it is going to be one of the topics.

    Hopefully all will be ok.

    Are you going to have op or carry on as you are?
  • Fiona,
    Sounds like you're having a lot more trouble with your knee than I am. I can run OK, dogs pulling on the lead is the biggest problem, fortunately they are mostly off lead. Keeping my leg elevated seems to help enormously. Ibuprofen seemed to make no difference to the swelling. The consultant said if I couldn't straighten my leg properly eventually the muscles would contract, also that any 'rough edges' of the tear might result in arthritis in time. Ironically since I saw him I have had 2 good weeks with hardly any swelling this is why I am so reluctant to have an Op. Plus I'm a big wimp !!
    good luck with yours anyway.
    So you remeber the silly pink cow too.
  • Thanks Ermintrude.

    Good luck to you as well. I do remember MR which means I am now showing my age.

    Not sure you should call yourself the silly pink cow though!
  • There is life and running after arthroscopy! It has taken me a while to gwet there and I made a few mistakes along the way. I had cartilege trimmed in one knee and the other one was checked a year later, as I thought I had the same problem in that. I am now running quite wel for me and aiming for my first 10 miler in 5 years. The best advice I can give is to do ALL the exercises and to really build up the muscles to support the knee joint.

    Good luck and be patient!
  • Had an 'r' some years back. Guess it depends what you have done, but I walked (carefully) out of the hospital the same afternoon and was driving again in a few days. No crutches.

  • Had an arthroscopy 12 years ago to trim the cartilege and then when it tore again and jammed the joint had another one to remove it completely. The operation is pretty straightforward and you are walking again immediately and could be running in a couple of 2-3 weeks.

    However, not sure of the long-term affects. My knee was fine until recently when it feels 'achey' (that's the medical term for those of you not in the know). Although the cartilege is there for a purpose and I suppose it not being there would cause a problem eventually.

  • Fiona,i had Arthroscopic Surgery on my injured knee last May, before i had a scan and they failed to find anything wrong.Just cleaned the knee out with salt solution, it did not solve the problem.Then i had the scan which showed exactly where the problem was,they then tried cortisone,that has'nt worked either. So now after re-checking my Scan results,another operation because simply they know where to look. How can they be sure your Meniscus is damaged without a Scan? If i had my time to come again i would pay for my own Scan before anyone starts working on me with their cutting gear,if you get my drift.Take care and i hope everything goes well for you.
  • This is all interesting stuff as I've been suffering with a knee injury for the last 7-8 months which has reduced but not eliminated running.

    My first step was to see my GP who referred me for an x-ray - this showed nothing untoward so I was forwarded to an Osteo who put the problem down to tight hamstrings and muscle imbalance which he said could be helped by a) cross training (mainly cycling) to correct the imbalance and stretching. He said this was his preferred solution before surgery.

    I have done both over the last 5 months and whilst the problem has periodically eased - it hasn't gone away. Incidently I can run with minimal pain and the majority or soreness is after the run / next day.

    I am going to a sport injury clinic on 20 Feb where I hope to get the problem at least properly identified.

    Good luck whatever you decide Fiona.
  • Martin,

    Can you let me/us know how you get on, as this sounds a bit similar to what I've been experiencing for the last 2-3 months. Although, cycling (I do triathlon) also makes my knee sore, although only after 1 hour or so - but the knee starts to hurt mildly on the outside and is sore/stiff the next day and then after a couple days rest feels OK, although I can still feel a niggle.

    I stretch/swim a lot and have started doing weights to strengthen my quads, but I don't know if I should give up the cycling/running completely or just live with the pain.
  • Rob,

    I'll let you know what they say.

    The anatomy of my knee pain is that it seems to exist in the patellar tendon i.e. at the front just below the knee cap but also (sometimes) extending to the top of the leg.

    During running if anythings its LESS painful than when at rest and I'm fairly sure its impact related as cycling doesn't seem to make it worse. Can also feel weak/painful when ascending/descending stairs.

    Finally its not a swelling and there is no ache its more of a sharp stabbing pain particularly felt if bending the knee whilst standing on one leg...........I know, don't stand on one leg and bend your knee then!!!!!
  • Had my Arthor-Askey today. I had bit of lose cartlidge floating around in my knee for a few months. I walked out of hospital and it feels OK. The surgeon said he washed out all the bits of lose stuff from behind the knee and cleaned the back of the knee cap.
    I was unsure as to whether to have the operation as the problem never really interfered with my running (50-60miles a week). However, my fizzio advised me to have it as the lose cartlidge would only cause problems in the future.
    I know lots of people who have had the operation(even the Queen), and no horror stories. Technology today is very advanced.
  • I have had both my knees operated on.Trimmed cartlidge on both. Both knees have been weakened as a result. I would say if you can avoid having surgery then do so.
    I have got a young son who has just started running.I will be buying him top quality trainers and hoping that he doesn't suffer the same problems I have experienced.
  • I agree, if you can avoid surgery then do so. Don't try to fix something that's already working.
    There is a vast array of exercises that can be performed to strengthen the knee after the operation. Also, the style of running should be looked at to ensure that it's not putting any unwanted streses on the knee. e.g. some people run with a wobble which doesn't help.
    With regard to runners, it goes without saying that you should ALWAYS get the correct shoes and change them every 500 miles.
  • My only gripe with correct shoes is that at a junior level there isn't the variety available. Having said that I am in Southport (visiting the mother-in-law) at the weekend and will visit Natterjack.Hopefully they can give us some expert advise.
    It is amazing how few specialist shops there are in Essex considering the amount of clubs and the population.
  • For smaller sizes go for the ladies shoes. There should be a SweatShop nearby.
  • Clever ! I didn't think of that
    Now all I've got to do is convince a ten year old to wear womens shoes.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    easy- they are all blue/white, just dont tell your littl'un!
  • Any recommendations ?
  • Well, after a podiatrist telling me he was sure I had a torn meniscus and likewise an Orth. Surgeon I decided to make sure, before having keyhole surgery, and paid myself for an MRI scan. Am I glad I did, I don't have any tear at all but Chondromalacia Patellae so it's physio for me and no surgery !! My advice to anyone who has been told they need surgery is to have a scan to make sure.
  • In reply to TugBoat, I thaink that Asics are probably the best shoe for all round stability & weight etc. Lots of the other main brands are tainted with the "fashion" requirements....

    Day 6 post Arthor Asky: Up to 20 miles a day on the bike (no incline or standing up on pedals). Walking fine. Up & down satirs fine. Still a little bruising. No regrets...
  • I'm glad it worked for you ermintrude, but might I add that generally a scan of the knee is no often no better than the hands of a good knee surgeon (most of the time) and is not 100% either eg someone might have a flap of cartilage that only pops up now and again and might not be spotted if it was lying flat at the time of the scan, or the syymptoms might be such that an arthroscopy is warranted whatever the scan showed like anything no definite right or wrong, but like I say glad it worked for you
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