FLM mailing out 'Good For Age' Already!!!

Greetings All

I was amazed to find that FLM are already mailing out the 'Good For Age' guaranteed entries. I only mailed in my application about 3 weeks ago and got my form back this morning. Now that's what I call good organisation!!!!




  • Is Marmite Master the only one lucky enough to have got a "good for age" application form back or has anyone else got theirs yet?

    I sent off for it on the 22 July and am wondering how long to wait before I panic.

  • Achilles

    it definitely helps to be in league with the brown elixir of life, but no doubt they are mailing all processed applications as we 'speak'

  • Yes I like the thought that they're processing my application on a Bank Holiday Monday, quite right too.

    How was the roast lamb? Do you spread marmite on it? It's probably a brilliant combo, come to think of it. s.
  • It's interesting you mention marmite in conjunction with the roast lamb. Although full after the initial offering (which really was great) I couldn't help myself but toast up a nice slice of white bread and spread it with a thick layer of the infamous goo to go with the final glass of cabernet. The only drawback is that the sodium load coupled with the wine intake means that it will probably be Wednesday before I have rehydrated!!

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    The only problem I have with Marmite is the fact that my wife loves it and I totally detest the stuff...yeugh.

    Got my good for age form into today. I'll need to start doing some long runs now. Only 8 months to go.
  • I did it, I sent the damn results off to get good for age entry form. I told myself I wasn't even going to think about it. Mind you it doesn't mean to say I'm going to do it!
  • I haven't received anything yet, sent mine off a couple of weeks ago....getting worried now as they told me that they were going to wait until letters built up before sending the applications out in one go!!!!
  • Still haven't got mine even though I sent off for it in July (!) - what's the story, I thought A came before M, so why's Marmite Master got his and not me?!
  • Got mine this morning. I still don't weather to do it or not though.
    First time I did it, 2 years ago, I knew I could do better so I entered last year and did a lot better but all I remember is the pain & saying to many people for the next 2 weeks "never again".
    Still 8 months to think about it.
  • Achilles. Could this be because your name doesn't actually start with an A but somewhere nearer the tail end of the alphabet

    PM. How's that leg of your's holding up? Hopefully you survived the IOW unscathed. Are you doing any other 'local' races?

  • Pizza Man I feel exactly the same. All I can remember of this years Marathon is the pain and it's all still too fresh a memory to even think of running London again. But I've sent for the good for age entry just in case I change my mind.

  • Hilly,
    the problem is, I've seen what other running friends, who have decided to have a year off, are like in the run up to the marathon. Bitterly regretting their decision. So I'll sit on this good for age form for a while and see how I feel. Maybe I'll go to the Scilly isles & do Tresco where my expectations won't be so high.

    Calf seems to be holding out at the mo' thanks, touch wood.
    I've got quite a few local events coming up,
    Sept 7 Chalfont st Giles 10k mt
    Sept 8 Moor Park 10k(pushing my 2 year old)
    Sept 22 Amersham 5 mt
    Sept 29 Windsor 1/2 or Bucks 10,000m champs
    Oct 13 Gold Hill run Shaftsbury
    & then it's x country season.
    How about you?
  • I sent off my application for a 'good for age' place and got a reply by return of post. Not what one expects with a surname starting with V!
  • hilly
    you know pizza man is right.......see you at the green start!!!
  • cep, I'll see!
  • Sorry to barge in on the thread (liked the marmite on roast lamb idea), but i was planning to attempt a sub 3-15 'good for age' in the new forest marathon on sept 22nd.

    Does anyone know if this would be too late to get a 'good for age' spot in the 2003 FLM?


    cheers for any help.
  • Grahame -

    the closing date for FLM 2003 good for age applications is 18th Oct., it says here on the form I've got right in front of me. so you should be fine with your entry - assuming you have better luck than I'd had!!!!! I wrote off to them on the 22 July and still haven't had anything back, unlike the rest of that jammy lot on this thread. what's going on?????!!!!!!

    good luck with the race, anyway. s.
  • ta very much for that.

    hope your entry comes back soon: might be worth chasing them up, although, as i found out last year, most of the phone numbers they give out just ring continuously....


  • Achillies

    Neither have I yet matey!! Going blind watching the post box
  • Slaphead - yeah, frustrating or what?
  • Finally got my form back this morning - yippeee! Strange - and rather disturbing -how I can get so excited about a race that still 7 months away!
  • Achilles

    Wheres mine then?!! - I wouldn't like to be in the posties shoes this morning if it isn't there.
  • Still haven't got mine??!!

    Do I really want it - yep, of course I do what would I do during the dark winter nights

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Don't panic, I got mine a few days ago as did a chum of mine so they are trickling through. I noticed that the envelope containing the GFA entry form was hand written which might explain the slowish distribution. Good luck all of you, see you at the green start.

  • Finally got the entry form through this morning!! I guess the cut-off must be 3:15:59 so anyone with a 3:15:xx time should send off now! - thats FLM no 9.

  • Slaphead,

    That's interesting - you have a guaranteed entry from right? If so I guess my 3:15:45 from Abingdon 2001 must be worth a shot?

    Thanks for the info.
  • Tim

    I can't remember when the cut-offs were for the dates i.e. 3:15 between Jan 01 and Dec 02 etc. it may be worth a check. At the end of the day 'you don't know until you ask!'
  • Slaphead,

    I'm sure that any time done in 2001 or 2002 up to the closing date for applications is valid. I was really interested in whether 3:15.xx would count. From what you're saying it does?

    Thanks again.

  • Tim -

    says here on the form that any 2001 or 2002 result will do, so I guess you're in. good luck!

    BTW I'm doing Abingdon next month - how do you rate it? is it as flat as they say?
  • Thanks Achilles - sounds like good news!

    I would definitely rate Abingdon a PB course if you're on form - it really is as fast and flat as they say it is. Having said that I think the course is different to the one I ran last year as I believe there is a stretch beside the river this time - but I'm not sure how much different is is. Who knows, it may be even faster and flatter than before! Good luck anyway.


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