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Hi all

I am on my second pair of Mizuno Mavericks but was thinking of changing to the Mercury as these seem to be a bit more substantial. Anyone swapped between these two before ?

Also any wearers of the Mercury got the new 03 model ? If so can you confirm these have the composite waive


  • I have the Mercury 02 but very unhappy with them due to the wave block and insoles which have caused me misery on any long or fast runs. Have relegated them now to recovery runs only. Perhaps ok if you are overpronating quite a lot rather than very mildly like me but I would not touch them with a bargepole again.

  • Stranded in Turkey

    Thanks for this. I dont really have problems with the Mavericks in respect of the support for overpronation so maybe I will stick with these. Funny how a bad experience with a shoe affects future choice, for instance I would never touch Asics with a bargepole again.

    PS Are you really stranded in Turkey ?STRANDED IN tURKEY ?
  • The Mav's are good shoes. I tried the Merc's, but found the instep a little too obtrusive! Tehre you go, Jon's two cents worth
  • Gary,

    Yes based in Ankara for work. Great country, great people and great food. But no real running culture and very few races so the forum is a bit of a godsend as a motivating tool.

  • Gary,

    You're correct the Mercury is a more substantial shoe than the Maverick. The Wave is double fan shaped as opposed to single fan shaped and the midsole is 1mm thicker throughout. The 2003 version has just hit the stores (reviewed in this months RW) and does have a composite wave, we have added carbon fibre to the medial side for increased strength.
    I also think you guys who found the instep a little intrusive on the 2002 Mercury would be much happier with the 2003 version as the shape is slightly different.
  • Ah! You've taken on board customer advice! Brilliant!

    Is it anymore responsive?
  • Jon,

    In response to your question above and also your question to info@mizuno.co.uk, the outsole in my mind has improved the responsiveness of the shoe and I think you'll find the whole transistion of the shoe a lot smoother than previous versions.

    ...and yes we have removed the BioLock from the product.
  • Yippee!

    Might give em a whirl!
  • Simon@Mizuno, can we also look forward to any such improvements to the Wave Rider?
  • Psi,

    Personally I think the ride is slightly smoother and the cushioning has improved. For an unbiased opinion read the new review on this site...

  • Oh... and if you want a nice little write up... :)
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