foot pain

I have the most annoying ache/pain on the bottom outside of my left foot. It started last week, I took 3 days off, thought it was feeling better, went running on Friday, and it's back. It hurts when I walk, and even sort of hurts when I'm just sitting down. Don't think it's a stress fracture. Anyone else ever have anything like this?



  • This is a good description of my left foot at the moment. I'm trying to ignore it and hope it will go away.

    Strangely enough it's easier when I'm wearing heels than flat shoes.
  • I've been trying to ignore it too, but it's enough to make me cringe when I'm running. I'll have to try the heels, though... interesting!
  • I've got this problem at the moment. Cann't seem to get rid of it. I've just bought new shoes to see if it was the new pair I bought casue it was the same time that it came along. If you find out how to sort it out, please let me know. Dont think I should put high heels on though!!

  • Well Iain, it just might help!!

    I ran this morning, and it is definitely worse when I change direction.

    Anyone out there who can help?
  • I've been trying a cream for making bruises come out and a deep heat spray thing, but it doesn't seem to be working. I've thought about buying new running shoes, but I'd been running in the ones I have now for over 3 weeks when my foot started hurting. Let us know if the new shoes help, Iain. Jeez, I wish it would just go away!!

  • I bought new shoes Asics 1070's and ran for about 4 or 5 runs and then got the pain.
  • WHile you might not fancy running in high heels, you could try a heel raise - just stick a bit of old insole in the heel if you want to try it before spending out on something. I have a sorbothane heel pad in the back of my left shoe to do the job, they only cost about £7 for two, although since the other one's for the right foot I may have to use it upside down or something!
  • Did you get pain in the outer part of your foot before you used this??
  • I have a similar dull aching on the outside of my right ankle which i thought was either a stress fracture or i must have sprained my ankle somehow/somewhere. Went to see an Osetopath. Diagnosed as peroneal tendon strain, inflammation causing ache on right foot. I'm not expert but i think we all have the same injury. As we enter February, i'm getting seriously concerned about the lack of training for FLM, 71 days and counting.
  • I haven't had a pain on my ankle but only down the outside of my foot does the Osetopath do feet cause I thought it was just posture??
  • Run 4 Your Life-
    I'm getting worried about the FLM, too! What did your osteopath say? Is there anything we can do about this tendon thing? The more I play with my foot, the more it feels like it might actually be a tendon problem. Is there ANYTHING we can do besides rest?

  • Someone somewhere recommended rolling a tennis ball under foot whilst sitting. I don't have a tennis ball to hand at work but I've borrowed a ball off the pool table and it's genius. Feels great.

    I think mine is due to strain in the medial plantar fascia (probably wrong spelling). Seems to feel better when I keep my foot mobile and stretched. Actually seems okay whilst running but walking in anything other than my running shoes is pretty painful.
  • Hi folks (and especially Iain)-
    Finally got to see a physio, and he thinks I have a bone out of place in the cuboid joint in my foot. I have pretty loose tendons, which he said can sometimes lead to this kind of problem. Sounds quite drastic, but it's really not.

    What he did on Friday was just kind of squeeze it and knead it and put pressure on it in different spots from different directions to try to get my bone back where it should be. It isn't 100%, but it's MUCH better than it was! I ran Saturday with a little pain after 3 miles, Sunday with no pain until about 5 miles, yesterday with no pain until about 5 miles, and today i ran about 6 miles with almost no pain at all. (And when it did hurt, I could run through it, though it was quite painful when I stopped.) I'm going back to him on Wednesday, since it still starts to bug me after a few miles, but as of now, I think he might be the greatest man in England. Sooo... maybe if you can get an appointment (or even just a phone call) too your physio, you could ask if he thinks you might need "a restructuring of the cuboid joint" in your foot.

    Anyway, good luck!!
  • I've just been to a physio who's diagnosed it to be Tarsal tunnel syndrome and he's now giving me IMS (Intramuscular Simulation) Acupuncture with a wiggle!!.
    He says I'll be back running in 2 weeks so will keep you posted...........Iain.
  • Well, I've got a solution for you all.

    Book an appointment with your doctor and by the time you get there your foot will be better. That's what happened to me!!

    Hope all your poorly feet are getting better.
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