Road Traffic this Easter Weekend V cycling

Ok so there are 2 theories:

a- avoid road cycling the whole weekend because it is going to be too full of cars with it being the Easter Weekend

b-roads will be busy today as people are going away and then monday afternoon for when people are coming back but most likely quiet sunday.

So I should be Ok going out on my bike on sunday particularly in the morning?

what do you think?

The idea of having for once a 3 day weekends and not being able to go road cycling is driving me nuts


  • well i've been out this morning and it seemed fine. avoid major roads and you'll be ok (i assume you weren't planning on cycling up the m1?)
  • tee hee not just up in Scotland West Coast...apparently the roads are very busy this morning with near miss accidents hence the concern and 2 theories
  • croc - sunday will be quite ?????

    everyone will be home eating choc.
  • indeed I agree but my lovely cycling partner is worried
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm with your cycling partner. Holiday weekends bring out all the @rsehole "I'm a good driver, me" types on the roads on the West Cost (used to live there). Especially if it's sunny.

  • Sh*T cos that will mean 3 weeks off the bike for me by the time I next go on it.

    I am convinced sunday morning is gonnae be dead. And what is the point of having a nice long weekend if I can not cycle!

    not fair...tis spoiling me weekend. I was so looking forward to some proper cycling
  • croc - i hate my bike, any excuse not to ride, i will not ride now till after FLM, (theres another excuse not to ride). but i have to admit it is nice out there and i could be tempted,And ther eis always the thought at the back of my head that i need to start as "the longest day" is onlt 13 weeks away. Now i'm starting to panic,,,,,,,
  • tee hee you doing the longest day in July?
    better get on your bike then!
    Thing is during the working week I work and run a bit so the weekend is my only time to cycle and I really look forward to it and now I am being told I can not cycle this weekend.

    I could kick myself for having taken a rest weekend last weekend
  • Get a bunch of cyclists together and then you can take up the entire lane ;o)

    (just not the glasgow to Aberdeen roads tomorrow please)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Croc - I'm sure it'll be fine if you choose your roads carefully. Nothing too twisty (give the drivers plenty of time to see you), and don't head for picnic spots or places where Neds congregtate.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Croc, if you go up to Loch Katrine you'll be ok! I realise that the last time you went there wasn't a great experience, however the roads will be quiet. If you go via Bearsden & Drymen via Stockiemuir Road and then take the back road to Aberfoyle you'll hardly see any traffic.

  • Quite a few drivers that have been doing the overnighter from England this morning.

    I am the concerned cycling partner. I'll agree that Gt Western road will be typical, especially if we hit it early, but the problem is that the roads we ride on are mains (A82 and A83). Dunno about the roads heading south to Troon admittedly.

    Can't remember, why you not getting out next weekend?
  • I am going out on the bike next sunday pet coo...never said I wasn't?
  • Nevermind, brain on a go slow. Tell you what, you do whatever you fancy, and I'll just tag along.
  • that doesnae feel right either


    any easter eggs going anyone?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    I'd just get out on the bike and don't worry too much about it - if the roads are generally safe then they'll just be slightly less so with more traffic.
  • Had a great ride yesterday and the roads were really quiet, I think everyone is avoiding going out thinking it will be busy.

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